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T. P. Vogels, Froemke, R. C., Doyon, N., Gilson, M., Haas, J. S., Liu, R., Maffei, A., Miller, P., Wierenga, C. J., Woodin, M. A., Zenke, F., and Sprekeler, H., Inhibitory synaptic plasticity: spike timing-dependence and putative network function., Front Neural Circuits, vol. 7, p. 119, 2013.
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S. Sirko, Behrendt, G., Johansson, P. Annette, Tripathi, P., Costa, M., Bek, S., Heinrich, C., Tiedt, S., Colak, D., Dichgans, M., Fischer, I. Rebekka, Plesnila, N., Staufenbiel, M., Haass, C., Snapyan, M., Saghatelyan, A., Tsai, L. - H., Fischer, A., Grobe, K., Dimou, L., and Götz, M., Reactive glia in the injured brain acquire stem cell properties in response to sonic hedgehog. [corrected]., Cell Stem Cell, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 426-39, 2013.
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E. Berret, Nehmé, B., Henry, M., Tóth, K., Drolet, G., and Mouginot, D., Regulation of central Na+ detection requires the cooperative action of the NaX channel and α1 Isoform of Na+/K+-ATPase in the Na+-sensor neuronal population., J Neurosci, vol. 33, no. 7, pp. 3067-78, 2013.
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