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Steven Laureys

The CERVO Brain Research Centre is proud to announce that Dr. Steven Laureys has just been awarded a prestigious Canada Excellence Research Chair in Neuroscience and Sustainable Mental Health.

Simon Coulombe

We are delighted to announce the arrival of a new researcher at the CERVO Brain Research Centre, Professor Simon Coulombe, who is joining the Clinical and Cognitive Neurosciences Axis. His passion for research and his expertise will certainly enrich our centre. Professor Coulombe holds the Relief Research Chair in Mental Health, Self-Management and Work.

Michel Maziade

Dr Michel Maziade has been awarded the Prix Alice-Girard - Octobre 2023 for his publication Transformer les pratiques entre la psychiatrie de l’enfant et de l’adolescent et la psychiatrie de l’adulte pour une réelle prévention,

With this award, the Fonds de recherche du Québec aims to promote and raise the profile of research publications in French, and to encourage open access to research publications in French.

Congratulations Dr Maziade!


Postnatal stress causes molecular changes in the brains of mice exposed to this stress, and these changes can be passed on to their offspring.


Date: 10 November 2023, 12.45pm to 5pm

Interested in a paid research placement this summer? Are you looking for a host laboratory for a master's or doctoral degree?

Come and visit the CERVO Centre laboratories. A chartered bus will leave from Pavillon Vachon at 12:45 on 10 November and return around 5:30PM.

You must choose 10 labs to visit from the 18 that will be open, in addition to registering (see survey below).

To help you choose the labs, click on the links for each professor to get an overview of their research.


Read the article "Chronic pain: better understood, better treated", published today in Québec Science. Many Quebec specialists are quoted, including Professor Yves De Koninck, who explains the major advances in our understanding of chronic pain over the last few decades:

Mireille Quémener

The research professionals* who work in scientific laboratories perform a variety of tasks that involve all of their activities, such as supporting principal investigators, supervising students, organizing daily workloads and managing budgets. The work of research professionals is thus essential to the creation and dissemination of scientific knowledge. Yet many people know little about these people and the work they do.

Yves De Koninck

"Although this has yet to be demonstrated in humans, we believe that the mechanism we have identified constitutes a very interesting therapeutic target because it is not limited to slowing down the progression of the disease, but also allows certain cognitive functions to be partially restored," explains the person in charge of the study, Yves de Koninck, a professor in the Faculty of Medicine and researcher at Laval University.


The CERVO Foundation and the CERVO Research Centre leadership are proud to announce the very first IMAGE CONTEST for the creation of the CERVO Calendar!

This calendar will be printed in large quantities to be offered (free) to visitors, donors, collaborators and members of CERVO. It will become an annual showcase for research initiatives in line with the Centre's mission, while also playing an educational role in neuroscience and mental health.

Marc-André Roy

Read this article from Le Soleil in which Dr Marc-André Roy talks about the role of MRIs in screening for mental health problems.

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