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Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Mohamed Chahine
Mohamed Chahine

Biophysics, voltage-gated sodium channels, ion channels, patch clamp, electrophysiology, pain,...

Daniel Cote
Daniel Côté microscopy, live, in vivo, coherent raman, spinal cord, brain, 3d imaging, video microscopy, fiber...
Paul De Koninck
Paul De Koninck molecular neurosciences, synaptic plasticity, hippocampus, neurophotonics, optical imaging, optical...
Yves De Koninck
Yves De Koninck Neurophysiology, Sensory physiology, spinal cord, neurotransmission, pain, synaptic plasticity,...
Nicolas Doyon
Nicolas Doyon Computational Neuroscience, Mathematical modelling, Poisson Nernst Planck Equations, Chloride...
Simon Hardy
Simon Hardy Computational biology
Cell signaling
Edouard Khandjian
Edouard W Khandjian Translocation and tracking RNA to the synapse.RNA granules trafficking in neural extensions.Fragile...
Pierre Marquet
Pierre Marquet Digital holographic microscopy
Quantitative phase imaging
Coherent detection
Luca Pellegrini

Molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial dynamics

Christophe Proulx
Christophe Proulx

Emotions, serotonin, lateral habenula, optogenetic, fiber photometry, patch clamp, behaviors

Armen Saghatelyan
Armen Saghatelyan olfaction, postnatal neurogenesis, stem cells, neuronal migration, neuronal maturation, synaptic...
Katalin Toth
Katalin Toth

Cellular mechanisms of synaptic transmission and plasticity in the hippocampus

Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience

Amélie Achim
Social cognition
Social interactions
Célyne Bastien
Sleep, insomnia, EEG, PSG, event-related potentials, dreams, arousal

Child abuse and neglect; developmental psychopathology; intergenerational transmission of child...

Alexandre Bureau
Bipolar disorder, Computational statistics, Familial genetic analysis, Genetic Epidemiology,...
Caroline Cellard
schizophrenia, neuropsychology, cognitive remediation, adversity, adolescents, young adults

Mental health, Services organization, Readaptation, Rights of users, Complaints process,...


Ageing and mental health, recovery, empowerment, social exclusion and inclusion, qualitative...

Marie-France Demers
Psychopharmacology, Antipsychotic, Treatment adhesion, Side effects of psychotropic drugs, Early...
Simon Duchesne

Neuroimaging, MRI, biomarkers, machine learning, aging, neurodegeneration, dementias, Alzheimer...

Shirley Fecteau
Cognitive processes
Transcranial stimulation
Magnetric resonance imaging
Personality disorders, psychodynamic therapy, therapy dropout, therapeutic relationship, stalking
Sonia Goulet
Mindfulness, stress, depression, cognition, immunity, aging, psychopathology
Marc Hébert
Chronobiology, Depression, Light, Health and Security at work, Sleep, Vigilance, Night workers
aging, Alzheimer's disease, mild cognitive impairment, subjective cognitive decline,...
Philip Jackson

Neuropsychology, Pain & Cognition, Cognitive Neuroscience, fMRI, Social Neuroscience,...

Benoit Labonté

Molecular mechanisms underlying stress responses in males and females

Joel Macoir
Language impairment
Semantic memory
Alexia and agraphia
Pierre Marquet
Digital holographic microscopy
Quantitative phase imaging
Coherent detection
Chantal Mérette

Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Psychiatry, Genetics, Neuroscience, Mental Health, Endophenotypes,...

Laura Monetta
Aphasia. Neurodegenerative disease. Assessment and treatment of acquired language disorders.
Charles Morin
sleep disorders, comorbid and primary insomnia, cognitive-behavioral therapy, epidemiology
Martin Provencher

Psychologie clinique adulte. Thérapie cognitive comportementale (TCC) des troubles de l’humeur...

Nancie Rouleau
ADHD; mindfulness; cognition; MBSR; cognitive remediation; neuropsychology

clinical phonetics ; speech motor control ; acoustic phonetics

Marc André Roy

Schizophrenia, early intervention in psychosis, treatment, antipsychotics, cognition,...

Personality disorders
Undesirable personality traits

Neuropsychology, Alzheimer's disease, Working Memory, Parkinson's Disease, Assessments,...

Pascale Tremblay
Aging, language, speech, cognitive neurosciences, brain imaging, TMS, fMRI

Clinical Health Psychology ; cognitive behavioral approach; sleep; evaluation and development of...
Maximiliano Wilson

neuropsychology, psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, language, aging, neurodegenerative...

Integrative Neuroscience and Experimental Therapies

Martin Deschênes

orofacial behaviors, whisking, vibrissa, neuronal oscillators

Christian Éthier
Neuroelectronic Interfaces
Cortical Lesions
Spinal Cord Injuries
Motor Recovery...
Claude Gravel

Gene Therapy, Gene Transfer, Viral Vectors, Neurotrophic Factors, Retina, Motor Neurons,...

Matthieu Guitton

Cyberbehavior - Human behavior in virtual spaces

amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, fronto-temporal dementia, immunotherapy, single chain antibody,...
Jasna Kriz
neuroinflammation, stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis/ frontotemporal dementia, whole animal...
Benoit Labonté

Molecular mechanisms underlying stress responses in males and females

Martin Lévesque
Developmental neurobiology
Dopaminergic circuits
Axon growth and guidance
André Parent
Basal ganglia; Movement disorders; Neurodegenerative diseases; Neuroanatomy; Primates; Human Brain...
Martin Parent
Basal Ganglia; Parkinson's disease; Huntington's disease; Neuroplasticity; Neuronal transmission;...
Chantelle Sephton
synapse, translation, neurodegeneration, RNA binding proteins, TDP-43 and FUS
Igor Timofeev
Cortex, thalamus, electrophysiology, optogenetic, pharmacogenetic, sleep, epilepsy

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