RNA virus in Allomyces arbuscula: ultrastructural localization during the life-cycle.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J Gen Microbiol, Volume 95, Issue 1, p.87-95 (1976)


Cell Nucleus, Chytridiomycota, Cytoplasm, Fungi, Models, Biological, Plant Viruses, RNA, Viral, Spores, Fungal


<p>Strain Bali I of Allomyces arbuscula is infected with a RNA virus; strain North Carolina is not. The virus appears to be avirulent, for strain Bali I showed no signs of pathogenicity. Virus aggregates occurred mostly in the cytoplasm during different stages of the gametophytic and sporophytic generations. Small intra-nuclear aggregates were found only in differentiating gametophytic hyphae and immature gametangia. In motile cells (gametes and zoospores) the aggregates are exclusively contained within the nuclear cap. This represents a reliable mechanism of transmission throughout the life-cycle.</p>

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