Schema therapy for bipolar disorder: a conceptual model and future directions.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J Affect Disord, Volume 148, Issue 1, p.118-22 (2013)


Bipolar Disorder, Forecasting, Humans, Models, Psychological, Psychotherapy


<p>Schema therapy (ST) is an integrative form of psychotherapy developed for complex, chronic psychological disorders with a characterlogical underpinning. Bipolar disorder is just such a disorder--complex and often comorbid, with demonstrated stable cognitive and personality features that complicate the course of illness. This article presents the reasons justifying the application of ST to bipolar disorder and proposes a treatment rationale and future directions for treatment and research. If well adapted to the characteristics of bipolar disorder, ST might prove to be an effective adjunctive psychotherapy option that attenuates emotional reactivity, reduces symptoms and improves quality of life.</p>

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