Silvia Pozzi

Silvia Pozzi,

Assistant Professor, Département de psychiatrie et de neurosciences, Faculté de médecine
Université Laval

Canada Research Chair in Central and Peripheral Cellular Networks in ALS

Dr. Pozzi is presently focused on the study of the effects of the interaction between a previously studied extracellular protein and its receptor in different mutant models of ALS. These proteins are two important players in the communication among different cellular populations in the central nervous system. The final aim is to generate a therapeutic approach against this interaction and test it in animal models of ALS.

Dr. Pozzi is interested in the study of the communication among different cellular populations in normal and pathological conditions like ALS.  

ALS is neurodegenerative disease that leads to the death of neurons (motor neurons) involved in muscle stimulation. In this context a bad communication among the different cellular populations is one of the detrimental events that induce motoneuronal degeneration. This communication is ensured in the central nervous system by glial cells (ex. microglia) or supporting cells (ex. astrocytes and oligodendrocytes) and in the peripheral nervous system by Schwann cells and muscle cells. These different populations release factors that help in maintaining a favorable environment for activity of motoneurons. An unbalance in this network of communication can induce a pathological state.         

The identification of these communication factors and their mechanisms of action is important for understanding the pathology and highlighting new targets for the development of therapies.  

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  • 2021/07 : Assistant Professor. Université Laval, Québec city (CA).  
  • 2020/09: Adjunct Professor. Université Laval, Québec city (CA).  
  • 2020/09: Researcher. CERVO Brain Research Centre, Québec city (CA). 
  • 2018/02 – 2020/08: Research Associate. CERVO Brain Research Centre, Québec city (CA). 
  • 2017/02 – 2020/08: Collaborator as Research Scientist. Imstar Therapeutics, Vancouver (CA).   
  • 2013/02 – 2018/01: Post-doctoral Fellow.  Université Laval, Centre de Recherche de L’Institut Universitaire en santé mentale de Québec (CRIUSMQ), Québec city (CA).  
  • 2012/05 – 2013/01: Post-doctoral Fellow. Dulbecco Telethon Institute (DTI); “Mario Negri” Institute for Pharmacological Research, Milan (IT).  à
  • 2007/09 - 2012/04: PhD in Life and Biomolecular Sciences. Open University of London (UK) at “Mario Negri” Institute for Pharmacological Research Milan (IT). 
  • 2007/10 – 2010/06: Biomedical Research Specialist. “Mario Negri” Institute for Pharmacological Research and Lombardia Region, Milan (IT).  
  • 2003/09 – 2005/12: M.Sc. in Medical Biotechnology (Experimental Medicine). Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan (IT).  
  • 2000/09 – 2003/09: B.Sc. in Biotechnology. Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences, University of Milano-Bicocca Milan (IT). 

  • 2021/12: 13th Medicine Paulo Gontijo Award

  • 2020/09: ALS Canada Career Transition Award  

  • 2020/04: 2019 Marlene Reimer Brainstar of the year award from CIHR-CAN 


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Neurodegenerative disorders, Therapeutic approaches, Cellular crosstalk, Peripheral nervous system, Neuromuscular junctions

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2601 Chemin de la Canardière Québec (Québec) G1J 2G3 Canada


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