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[Specialized mental health services for the elderly: a pilot study of the evaluation process].

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Sante Ment Que, Volume 38, Issue 1, p.81-102 (2013)


Aged, Health Services for the Aged, Humans, Mental Health Services, Pilot Projects


<p>In Quebec, the Centre de santé et services sociaux (CSSS) Cavendish offers specialized services for the elderly with mental health problems (SSSM 60+) (Nour et al., 2011a). This article describes a targeted segment of the population reached (considering the exclusion criteria, only 50% of the elderly receiving services from the SSSM 60+ were followed). The article presents the model of individual changes relating to services, and explores the psychosocial mediators that influence the efficiency of services. This population experiences various psychosocial problems, the most important being mild to moderate symptoms of depression. Services and interventions by the SSSM 60+ team appear to increase significantly the therapeutic alliance and the feeling of empowerment in this clientele. Prioritizing these two concepts during service delivery appears to be an avenue to consider.</p>

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