Biological Rhythms

Marc Hébert

Marc Hébert

Promising discoveries on the effects of light on the brain, and the use of light to improve the health of night workers and to help diagnose psychiatric illnesses.

Marc Hébert is a specialist in the study of the biological clock, or chronobiology, and photobiology, which is the study of the effects of light on the brain. His research has shown that light has important effects on mood, and, specifically, that blue light affects the biological clock. These discoveries have led to the development of technologies that directly affect people's health, using light to reduce the...

Charles Morin

Charles M. Morin

Discoveries on the mechanisms underlying insomnia leading to more effective treatment approaches.

Professor Charles Morin's research is aimed at advancing knowledge to promote a better quality of life for people suffering from sleep disorders, and more specifically insomnia. His research has led to the development of tools that are used around the world, such as the Insomnia Severity Index, and the Sleep Beliefs and Attitudes Scale, two questionnaires that are used to assess behaviors, beliefs and attitudes of patients with insomnia. He is also the author of numerous insomnia...

Igor Timofeev

Studies of the mechanisms leading to the consolidation of memory during sleep.

Sleep consists of several phases that form cycles that are repeated several times during the night. These phases are characterized by distinct electrical activity patterns. Certain phases, especially slow wave sleep, allow the consolidation of memory. The strengthening of connections between neurons, called synapses, underlie this consolidation, and thus, learning. Professor Igor Timofeev's research aims to understand how brain activity waves are generated, propagate and contribute to this important...

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