A wide range and high sensitivity four-channel compact electrochemical biosensor for neurotransmitter detection on a microfluidic platform.

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Journal Article


Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, Volume 2016, p.5753-5756 (2016)


<p>We present a four-channel, high-sensitivity and linearity electrochemical biosensor for neurotransmitter (NT) detection and measurement. Using a multi-channel microfluidic platform makes this biosensor capable of detecting NT-related currents going from nanoamperes to milliamperes, with a sensitivity of the order of picoamperes. Moreover, by using a fully differential potentiostat architecture, the biosensor offers a high common-mode rejection ratio (90 dB), making it appropriate for low-noise and high-sensitive applications. The system was implemented on a 15 mm × 15 mm PCB with direct interface to the microfluidic chambers. It was calibrated with a 5 mM ferrocyanide solution and successfully tested with dopamine at three concentrations. The system shows a minimum sensistivity of 100 pA and consumes 60 mW.</p>

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