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Venture capital fund AmorChem announces support of a project in Jasna Kriz's laboratory

AmorChem recently announced the financing of a project in the laboratory of Jasna Kriz which aims to develop new therapeutic avenues for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and other neuroinflammatory diseases.  Following an agreement between Université Laval and the CERVO Brain Research Centre (CIUSSS-CN), the venture capital fund AmorChem will invest in a project which targets a molecule, called SRSF3, which is involved in regulation of innate immunity. 

Fighting driver fatigue with blue light - a new application of research by Marc Hébert

Read an article in La Presse reporting how research by professor Marc Hébert, of the CERVO Brain Research Centre, has led to an invention to fight tiredness at the wheel.

Fatigue at the wheel kills tens of Quebecers every year, and injures thousands more.  To combat this scourge, a researcher at Université Laval and a technological investor joined forces to develop an invention.

The idea: using the infamous blue light which undermines sleep when we watch our screens before bed to stimulate awareness of drivers. 

A new experimental therapy for ALS and fronto-temporal dementia

Journal of Clinical Investigations graphical abstract

Jean-Pierre Julien's team recently published an article in the high impact journal, the Journal of Clinical Investigations, about a new experimental therapy for ALS and frontotemporal dementia based on the use of antibodies that target the abnormal accumulation of a protein called TDP-43 in degenerating neurons. The formation of TDP-43 aggregates is associated with ALS development.

Le président de la fondation CERVO, Michel Verreault, parmi les cinq « Grands Québécois » de l'année

La Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Québec a dévoilé mardi les noms des cinq « Grands Québécois » de l'année 2019, et Michel Verreault, président de la fondation CERVO, en fait partie, selon une nouvelle rapportée sur le site de Radio-Canada:

Le président du conseil d'administration de la Fondation Cervo, Michel Verreault, est retenu dans le domaine social. Son fils a reçu un diagnostic de schizophrénie en 2004 et depuis il s'implique dans différentes causes pour faire tomber les préjugés.

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