Assessment of adolescent body perception: development and characterization of a novel tool for morphing images of adolescent bodies.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Behav Res Methods, Volume 39, Issue 3, p.651-66 (2007)


Adolescent, Anthropometry, Body Image, Child, Female, Humans, Male, Self Concept, Somatotypes


<p>We developed a computer-based method of distorting adolescent body images, which incorporates the covariation between body parts found during growth and sexual maturation. An adolescent body-shape database (AdoBSD) and adolescent body morphing tool (AdoBMT) are described; the AdoBSD comprises real (n=320) and morphed (n approximately 41,000) images (front and side view) of 160 adolescents (9-17 years). We used a point distribution model, based upon principal components analysis, to characterize the covariation between predefined body tag-points manually positioned on the body images and to morph the body images in a realistic manner. Eight principal components (PCs) were found to characterize 96.3% of the covariation between body tag-point. Application of the PCs to the body images resulted in the manipulation of body parts including shoulder width, waist, hip, belly, thigh and calf sizes. The AdoBMT and AdoBSD may be used to investigate changes in body perception during adolescence, and the role of body perception in adolescent obesity and eating disorders. The AdoBSD is available to the research community (</p>

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