Bombesin, neuromedin B and neuromedin C selectively depress superficial dorsal horn neurones in the cat spinal cord.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Brain Res, Volume 498, Issue 1, p.105-17 (1989)


Action Potentials, Animals, Bombesin, Cats, Decerebrate State, Neural Inhibition, Neurokinin B, Peptide Fragments, Spinal Cord


<p>The effects of bombesin and related peptides on functionally identified single dorsal horn neurones were studied using iontophoresis and extracellular recording in the anaesthetized and spinalized cat. Bombesin selectively depressed superficial dorsal horn neurones (in laminae I-III). The depression was of spontaneous activity as well as of synaptically elicited responses to natural stimulation of the cutaneous receptive field. Bombesin preferentially depressed neurones that responded to noxious stimulation of the cutaneous receptive field. Naloxone, bicuculline and caffeine failed to block the depression by bombesin, suggesting that the effect of the peptide may be direct and not through the indirect activation of an inhibitory system mediated by opioids, by gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) or by purines, respectively. Iontophoretic application of neuromedin B (n = 3) and neuromedin C (GRP-10) (n = 7) induced a similar depression to that observed with bombesin. These results provide physiological evidence that a bombesin-like peptide may play a role in the mediation or the modulation of sensory transmission in the superficial dorsal horn of the spinal cord.</p>

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