Cell refractive index tomography by digital holographic microscopy.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Opt Lett, Volume 31, Issue 2, p.178-80 (2006)


Algorithms, Holography, Image Enhancement, Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted, Imaging, Three-Dimensional, Microscopy, Pollen, Refractometry, Signal Processing, Computer-Assisted, Tomography, Optical


<p>For what we believe to be the first time, digital holographic microscopy is applied to perform optical diffraction tomography of a pollen grain. Transmission phase images with nanometric axial accuracy are numerically reconstructed from holograms acquired for different orientations of the rotating sample; then the three-dimensional refractive index spatial distribution is computed by inverse radon transform. A precision of 0.01 for the refractive index estimation and a spatial resolution in the micrometer range are demonstrated.</p>

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