Clinical implications of cross-system interactions.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Semin Speech Lang, Volume 27, Issue 4, p.300-9 (2006)


Biomechanical Phenomena, Brain Stem, Deglutition, Feedback, Humans, Hypoglossal Nerve, Laryngeal Muscles, Motor Neurons, Muscle Contraction, Nerve Net, Pharyngeal Muscles, Psychomotor Disorders, Research, Speech, Tongue


<p>In this review, we briefly highlight potential cross-system interactions between swallowing and speech production, using data from recent neuroimaging studies, common clinical impairments, cross-system treatment effects, and developmental considerations as supporting evidence. Our overall hypothesis is that speech and swallowing (and other motor behaviors) are regulated through a shared network of brain regions and other neural processes that are modulated on the basis of specific task demands. We emphasize the clinical utility of viewing speech and swallowing as being closely linked from both a diagnostic and treatment perspective. We stress the importance of continuing research to explore the common and perhaps distinct neural circuitry underlying speech and swallowing and the clinical intervention strategies that attempt to capitalize on potential cross-system therapeutic benefits.</p>

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