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Daniel Côté,

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Chaire de recherche du Canada en biophotonique

Amongst all current imaging modalities, optical microscopy is the only method capable of probing live tissue with cellular and subcellular resolution and is the only one with a broad range of molecular contrast mechanisms. Imaging strategies based on novel contrast mechanisms can be developed and integrated into current technology to enhance a biologist’s toolbox, or can be developed into new imaging devices to enable innovative applications in life sciences. Our group stands at the interface between optical technologies and biology, and we pursue a research program that has the following long-term objectives:
1) To develop and adapt novel optical contrast mechanisms to biological imaging,
2) To build new devices optimized for biological imaging applications,
3) To combine these optical techniques and devices for innovative biology applications.

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microscopie, vivant, in vivo, raman coherent, moelle épinière, cerveau, imagerie 3D, microscopie video, endoscope fibré

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