[For an empirical approach to object relations].

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Sante Ment Que, Volume 33, Issue 1, p.89-114 (2008)


Adult, Affect, Empirical Research, Female, Humans, Male, Object Attachment, Personality, Personality Inventory, Psychotherapy


<p>In this article, the authors address the concept of object relations and its place within psychodynamic theories regarding personality and, more specifically, in Kernberg's conceptualization of personality disorders and organization. The authors attempt to demonstrate the relevance of an empirical approach to object relations by presenting some of the instruments that are most considered. The Object Relations Rating Scale (ORRS ; Diguer, 2001), a new assessment instrument that is different from the others in that it assesses the therapeutic interaction as a whole, and that it is coherent with Kernberg's model of intervention and considers the overall relational manifestations. Finally, the authors present satisfying metrological ratings of this new instrument.</p>

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