Ethnic and racial differences in Asian populations with ion channelopathies associated with sudden cardiac death.

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Journal Article


Front Cardiovasc Med, Volume 10, p.1253479 (2023)


<p>Cardiovascular diseases are associated with several morbidities and are the most common cause of worldwide disease-related fatalities. Studies show that treatment and outcome-related differences for cardiovascular diseases disproportionately affect minorities in the United States. The emergence of ethnic and racial differences in sudden cardiac death (SCD) and related ion channelopathies complicates cardiovascular disease prevention, diagnosis, management, prognosis, and treatment objectives for patients and physicians alike. This review compiles and synthesizes current research in cardiac ion channelopathies and genetic disorders in Asian populations, an underrepresented population in cardiovascular literature. We first present a brief introduction to SCD, noting relevant observations and statistics from around the world, including Asian populations. We then examined existing differences between Asian and White populations in research, treatment, and outcomes related to cardiac ion channelopathies and SCD, showing progression in thought and research over time for each ion channelopathy. The review also identifies research that explored phenotypic abnormalities, device usage, and risk of death in Asian patients. We touch upon the unique genetic risk factors in Asian populations that lead to cardiac ion channelopathies and SCD while comparing them to White and Western populations, particularly in the United States, where Asians comprise approximately 7% of the total population. We also propose potential solutions such as improving early genetic screening, addressing barriers affecting access to medical care and device utilization, physician training, and patient education on risks.</p>

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