[Genetics of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: recent success of linkage studies with evidence of specific and shared susceptibility loci].

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Med Sci (Paris), Volume 19, Issue 10, p.960-6 (2003)


Bipolar Disorder, Genetic Linkage, Genetic Predisposition to Disease, Humans, Schizophrenia


<p>Results claiming linkage on two chromosomes for schizophrenia (SZ) and bipolar affective disorder (BP) were prematurely published in Nature at the end of the '80s. This ended up into disappointment. The knowledge accumulated from the first generation of unsuccessful molecular genetics studies of SZ and BP provided a stronger basis for the following generation of linkage studies that are now yielding encouraging converging results. Hence, we report several genomics susceptibility loci for SZ and BP, some of them being probably shared by the two major psychiatric illnesses whereas others could be specific to each.</p>

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