Implementing the Strengths Model of Case Management: Assessing Practice Three Years After Initial Implementation.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Community Ment Health J, Volume 58, Issue 8, p.1535-1543 (2022)


Case Management, Humans, Mental Disorders, Motivation, Surveys and Questionnaires


<p>While strengths approaches are important to recovery-oriented practice, implementation can be challenging. This study implemented the strengths model of case management (SMCM) in 11 CM teams and assessed the fidelity of delivery and staff perceptions of the model after 36 months using the SMCM fidelity scale and the Readiness Monitoring Tool. Paired sample t-tests assessed change in fidelity from baseline to 36 months. Adjusted regression analyses compared survey responses of direct and management staff. While fidelity ratings significantly improved across all domains, at 36 months they remained suboptimal in supervision practices and use of model tools. Staff perceptions were generally positive but consistently lower for front-line than management staff. Implementing SMCM into existing case management practice with good fidelity is feasible. However, clear support from management may strengthen staff motivation and delivery. A review of practice later in implementation can flag challenges for sustainability and guide implementation support.</p>

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