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[Improving detection and treatment of early psychosis in Québec: the Quebec association of early psychosis (l'Association québécoise des programmes pour premiers épisodes psychotiques, AQPPEP), sees to it].

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Sante Ment Que, Volume 32, Issue 1, p.299-315 (2007)


Early Diagnosis, Humans, Psychotic Disorders, Quebec, Societies, Medical


<p>June 2004: the Quebec association of early psychosis programs, AQPPEP (Association québécoise des programmes pour premiers épisodes psychotiques), was created. The Association's objectives is to promote clinical and scientific discussions between health care professionals and researchers sharing an interest for people suffering from an early psychosis, and to improve earlier detection of psychosis. It also aims at increasing awareness of the problem in the general population and governments. To reach these goals, AQPPEP has organized the first early psychosis awareness day in Quebec and developed one of the rare French language web sites in this area. Finally, the Association is a tool to better face, in a concerted approach, some difficulties that many first episode clinics have to deal with, in order to share or develop common solutions.</p>

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