IsoDOT Detects Differential RNA-isoform Expression/Usage with respect to a Categorical or Continuous Covariate with High Sensitivity and Specificity.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J Am Stat Assoc, Volume 110, Issue 511, p.975-986 (2015)


<p>We have developed a statistical method named IsoDOT to assess differential isoform expression (DIE) and differential isoform usage (DIU) using RNA-seq data. Here isoform usage refers to relative isoform expression given the total expression of the corresponding gene. IsoDOT performs two tasks that cannot be accomplished by existing methods: to test DIE/DIU with respect to a continuous covariate, and to test DIE/DIU for one case versus one control. The latter task is not an uncommon situation in practice, e.g., comparing the paternal and maternal alleles of one individual or comparing tumor and normal samples of one cancer patient. Simulation studies demonstrate the high sensitivity and specificity of IsoDOT. We apply IsoDOT to study the effects of haloperidol treatment on the mouse transcriptome and identify a group of genes whose isoform usages respond to haloperidol treatment.</p>

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