Long-term synchronized electrophysiological and behavioral wireless monitoring of freely moving animals.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


J Neurosci Methods, Volume 212, Issue 2, p.237-41 (2013)


Accelerometry, Animals, Behavior, Animal, Brain, Cats, Electrodes, Implanted, Electrophysiology, Male, Movement, Time Factors, Wireless Technology


<p>Parallel electrophysiological recording and behavioral monitoring of freely moving animals is essential for a better understanding of the neural mechanisms underlying behavior. In this paper we describe a novel wireless recording technique, which is capable of synchronously recording in vivo multichannel electrophysiological (LFP, MUA, EOG, EMG) and activity data (accelerometer, video) from freely moving cats. The method is based on the integration of commercially available components into a simple monitoring system and is complete with accelerometers and the needed signal processing tools. LFP activities of freely moving group-housed cats were recorded from multiple intracortical areas and from the hippocampus. EMG, EOG, accelerometer and video were simultaneously acquired with LFP activities 24-h a day for 3 months. These recordings confirm the possibility of using our wireless method for 24-h long-term monitoring of neurophysiological and behavioral data of freely moving experimental animals such as cats, ferrets, rabbits and other large animals.</p>

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