Noninvasive stimulation of the unlesioned hemisphere and phonological treatment in a case of chronic anomia post-stroke.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Neurocase, Volume 28, Issue 2, p.206-217 (2022)


Anomia, Aphasia, Female, Humans, Linguistics, Stroke, Stroke Rehabilitation


<p>Chronic lexical anomia after left hemisphere (LH) stroke improves under personalized phonological treatment (PT). Cortical linking between language and hand motor areas (hand_M1) questioned whether PT-related improvement relies on the unlesioned hemisphere (UH) plasticity when LH is dysfunctional. Our 70-yo-woman case study showed that 10 sessions of excitatory stimulation of UH_hand-M1 combined with PT hastened oral picture naming improvement as compared to sham+PT and changes were maintained together with changes of untrained items andcorticomotor excitability increase. This supports a role of stimulation-induced plasticity of UH_hand M1 in language recovery, at least in the improvement of lexical anomia in chronic stroke.</p>

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