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J. D. Edinger, Wamboldt, F. S., Johnson, R. L., Simmons, B., Tsai, S., Morin, C. M., et Holm, K. E., « Adherence to behavioral recommendations of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia predicts medication use after a structured medication taper. », J Clin Sleep Med, vol. 19, nᵒ 8, p. 1495-1503, 2023.
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H. Scott, M Y Cheung, J., Muench, A., Ivers, H., Grandner, M. A., Morin, C. M., et Perlis, M. L., « Baseline sleep characteristics are associated with gains in sleep duration after cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. », Sleep Med, vol. 102, p. 199-204, 2023.
L. - A. Vézina-Im, Morin, C. M., Lapointe, A., et Desroches, S., « Beliefs about Healthy Sleep Habits in Adults with Diabetes Compared to Adults without Diabetes: A Reasoned Action Approach Elicitation Study. », Sleep Sci, vol. 16, nᵒ 1, p. 14-28, 2023.
N. F. Watson, Bertisch, S. M., Morin, C. M., Pelayo, R., Winkelman, J. W., Zee, P. C., et Krystal, A. D., « Do Insomnia Treatments Improve Daytime Function? », J Clin Med, vol. 12, nᵒ 9, 2023.
Y. Liu, Partinen, E., Chan, N. Yin, Dauvilliers, Y., Inoue, Y., De Gennaro, L., Plazzi, G., Bolstad, C. J., Nadorff, M. R., Merikanto, I., Bjorvatn, B., Han, F., Zhang, B., Cunha, A. Suely, Mota-Rolim, S., Léger, D., Matsui, K., Espie, C. A., Chung, F., Morin, C. M., Sieminski, M., Penzel, T., Holzinger, B., Partinen, M., et Wing, Y. Kwok, « Dream-enactment behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic: an international COVID-19 sleep study. », J Sleep Res, vol. 32, nᵒ 1, p. e13613, 2023.
V. Clemente, Marques, D. Ruivo, Miller-Mendes, M., Morin, C. M., Serra, J., et Gomes, A. Allen, « The Dysfunctional Beliefs and Attitudes about Sleep scale: Dimensions of the European Portuguese DBAS-30 and development of a new short version (DBAS-SF-16). », Sleep Med, vol. 106, p. 59-68, 2023.
J. - P. Chaput, Janssen, I., Sampasa-Kanyinga, H., Carney, C. E., Dang-Vu, T. Thanh, Davidson, J. R., Robillard, R., et Morin, C. M., « Economic burden of insomnia symptoms in Canada. », Sleep Health, vol. 9, nᵒ 2, p. 185-189, 2023.
B. Amra, Ghadiry, F., Vaezi, A., Nematollahy, A., Radfar, N., Haghjoo, S., Penzel, T., et Morin, C. M., « Effect of one-shot cognitive behavioral therapy on insomnia and heart rate variability of health care workers at the time of COVID-19 pandemic: a randomized controlled trial. », Sleep Breath, vol. 27, nᵒ 4, p. 1411-1418, 2023.
G. Belleville, Ouellet, M. - C., Békés, V., Lebel, J., Morin, C. M., Bouchard, S., Guay, S., Bergeron, N., Ghosh, S., Campbell, T., et MacMaster, F. P., « Efficacy of a Therapist-Assisted Self-Help Internet-Based Intervention Targeting PTSD, Depression, and Insomnia Symptoms After a Disaster: A Randomized Controlled Trial. », Behav Ther, vol. 54, nᵒ 2, p. 230-246, 2023.
R. Manber, Alcántara, C., Bei, B., Morin, C. M., et van Straten, A. A., « Integrating technology to increase the reach of CBT-I: state of the science and challenges ahead. », Sleep, vol. 46, nᵒ 1, 2023.
P. C. Zee, Bertisch, S. M., Morin, C. M., Pelayo, R., Watson, N. F., Winkelman, J. W., et Krystal, A. D., « Long-Term Use of Insomnia Medications: An Appraisal of the Current Clinical and Scientific Evidence. », J Clin Med, vol. 12, nᵒ 4, 2023.
K. M. Shaffer, Daniel, K. E., Frederick, C., Buysse, D. J., Morin, C. M., et Ritterband, L. M., « Online Sleep Diaries: Considerations for System Development and Recommendations for Data Management. », Sleep, 2023.
P. Xue, Merikanto, I., Chung, F., Morin, C. M., Espie, C., Bjorvatn, B., Cedernaes, J., Landtblom, A. - M., Penzel, T., De Gennaro, L., Holzinger, B., Matsui, K., Hrubos-Strøm, H., Korman, M., Léger, D., Mota-Rolim, S., Bolstad, C. J., Nadorff, M., Plazzi, G., Reis, C., Chan, R. Ngan Yin, Wing, Y. Kwok, Yordanova, J., Bjelajac, A. Koscec, Inoue, Y., Partinen, M., Dauvilliers, Y., et Benedict, C., « Persistent short nighttime sleep duration is associated with a greater post-COVID risk in fully mRNA-vaccinated individuals. », Transl Psychiatry, vol. 13, nᵒ 1, p. 32, 2023.
R. El Rafihi-Ferreira, Morin, C. M., Hasan, R., Brasil, I. S., Ribeiro, J. Humberto Z., et Toscanini, A. Cecília, « A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Versus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Insomnia. », Behav Sleep Med, vol. 21, nᵒ 2, p. 193-207, 2023.
S. Scarpelli, De Santis, A., Alfonsi, V., Gorgoni, M., Morin, C. M., Espie, C., Merikanto, I., Chung, F., Penzel, T., Bjorvatn, B., Dauvilliers, Y., Holzinger, B., Wing, Y. K., Partinen, M., Plazzi, G., et De Gennaro, L., « The role of sleep and dreams in long-COVID. », J Sleep Res, vol. 32, nᵒ 3, p. e13789, 2023.
B. Bjorvatn, Merikanto, I., Reis, C., Korman, M., Bjelajac, A. Koscec, Holzinger, B., De Gennaro, L., Wing, Y. Kwok, Morin, C. M., Espie, C. A., Benedict, C., Landtblom, A. - M., Matsui, K., Hrubos-Strøm, H., Mota-Rolim, S., Nadorff, M. R., Plazzi, G., Chan, R. Ngan Yin, Partinen, M., Dauvilliers, Y., Chung, F., et Forthun, I., « Shift workers are at increased risk of severe COVID-19 compared with day workers: Results from the international COVID sleep study (ICOSS) of 7141 workers. », Chronobiol Int, vol. 40, nᵒ 2, p. 114-122, 2023.
R. Pelayo, Bertisch, S. M., Morin, C. M., Winkelman, J. W., Zee, P. C., et Krystal, A. D., « Should Trazodone Be First-Line Therapy for Insomnia? A Clinical Suitability Appraisal. », J Clin Med, vol. 12, nᵒ 8, 2023.
I. Merikanto, Dauvilliers, Y., Chung, F., Wing, Y. Kwok, De Gennaro, L., Holzinger, B., Bjorvatn, B., Morin, C. M., Penzel, T., Benedict, C., Bjelajac, A. Koscec, Chan, N. Yin, Espie, C. A., Hrubos-Strøm, H., Inoue, Y., Korman, M., Landtblom, A. - M., Léger, D., Matsui, K., Mota-Rolim, S., Nadorff, M. R., Plazzi, G., Reis, C., Yordanova, J., et Partinen, M., « Sleep symptoms are essential features of long-COVID - Comparing healthy controls with COVID-19 cases of different severity in the international COVID sleep study (ICOSS-II). », J Sleep Res, vol. 32, nᵒ 1, p. e13754, 2023.
F. Q. da Luz, Sainsbury, A., Salis, Z., Hay, P., Cordás, T., Morin, C. M., Paulos-Guarnieri, L., Pascoareli, L., et Rafihi-Ferreira, R. El, « A systematic review with meta-analyses of the relationship between recurrent binge eating and sleep parameters. », Int J Obes (Lond), vol. 47, nᵒ 3, p. 145-164, 2023.
C. M. Morin, Bertisch, S. M., Pelayo, R., Watson, N. F., Winkelman, J. W., Zee, P. C., et Krystal, A. D., « What Should Be the Focus of Treatment When Insomnia Disorder Is Comorbid with Depression or Anxiety Disorder? », J Clin Med, vol. 12, nᵒ 5, 2023.
C. M. Morin, Bei, B., Bjorvatn, B., Poyares, D., Spiegelhalder, K., et Wing, Y. Kwok, « World sleep society international sleep medicine guidelines position statement endorsement of "behavioral and psychological treatments for chronic insomnia disorder in adults: An American Academy of sleep medicine clinical practice guidelines". », Sleep Med, vol. 109, p. 164-169, 2023.

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