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A. Cayouette, Thibaudeau, É., Cellard, C., M-A Roy, et Achim, A., « Associations between theory of mind and clinical symptoms in recent onset schizophrenia spectrum disorders. », Front Psychiatry, vol. 14, p. 1044682, 2023.
M. Sandoz, Iglesias, K., Achim, A., et Fossard, M., « The contribution of discursive and cognitive factors in referential choices made by elderly people during a narrative task. », Neuropsychol Dev Cogn B Aging Neuropsychol Cogn, p. 1-22, 2023.
H. Corona Hernández, Corcoran, C., Achim, A., de Boer, J. N., Boerma, T., Brederoo, S. G., Cecchi, G. A., Ciampelli, S., Elvevåg, B., Fusaroli, R., Giordano, S., Hauglid, M., van Hessen, A., Hinzen, W., Homan, P., de Kloet, S. F., Koops, S., Kuperberg, G. R., Maheshwari, K., Mota, N. B., Parola, A., Rocca, R., Sommer, I. E. C., Truong, K., Voppel, A. E., van Vugt, M., Wijnen, F., et Palaniyappan, L., « Natural Language Processing Markers for Psychosis and Other Psychiatric Disorders: Emerging Themes and Research Agenda From a Cross-Linguistic Workshop. », Schizophr Bull, vol. 49, nᵒ Suppl_2, p. S86-S92, 2023.
A. Achim, M-A Roy, et Fossard, M., « The other side of the social interaction: Theory of mind impairments in people with schizophrenia are linked to other people's difficulties in understanding them. », Schizophr Res, vol. 259, p. 150-157, 2023.
A. Achim, Thibaudeau, É., Huot, A., Cellard, C., et M-A Roy, « What areas of everyday functioning are affected by theory of mind deficits in recent-onset schizophrenia spectrum disorders? », Early Interv Psychiatry, vol. 17, nᵒ 1, p. 57-64, 2023.

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