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A. Cayouette, Thibaudeau, É., Cellard, C., M-A Roy, et Achim, A., « Associations between theory of mind and clinical symptoms in recent onset schizophrenia spectrum disorders. », Front Psychiatry, vol. 14, p. 1044682, 2023.
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O. Oluboka, Clerzius, G., Janetzky, W., Schöttle, D., Therrien, F., Wiedemann, K., et M-A Roy, « Improvement of functioning in patients with schizophrenia: real-world effectiveness of aripiprazole once-monthly (REACT study). », BMC Psychiatry, vol. 23, nᵒ 1, p. 383, 2023.
A. Achim, M-A Roy, et Fossard, M., « The other side of the social interaction: Theory of mind impairments in people with schizophrenia are linked to other people's difficulties in understanding them. », Schizophr Res, vol. 259, p. 150-157, 2023.
O. Corbeil, Soulard, M., Huot-Lavoie, M., Béchard, L., Fournier, É., Brodeur, S., Essiambre, A. - M., Desmeules, C., Thériault, C., Abdel-Baki, A., Jacques, C., Giroux, I., Dorval, M., M-A Roy, et Demers, M. - F., « Problem gambling among people with first-episode psychosis: protocol for a prospective multicenter cohort study. », BMC Psychiatry, vol. 23, nᵒ 1, p. 287, 2023.
P. Levesque, Desmeules, C., Béchard, L., Huot-Lavoie, M., Demers, M. - F., M-A Roy, et Deslauriers, J., « Sex-specific immune mechanisms in PTSD symptomatology and risk: A translational overview and perspectives. », Brain Res Bull, vol. 195, p. 120-129, 2023.
K. A. McKee, Crocker, C. E., Dikaios, K., Otter, N., Bardell, A., M-A Roy, Abdel-Baki, A., Palaniyappan, L., Malla, A., et Tibbo, P. G., « Short communication: Prevalence of long-acting injectable antipsychotic use in Canadian early intervention services for psychosis. », J Psychiatr Res, vol. 165, p. 77-82, 2023.
A. Achim, Thibaudeau, É., Huot, A., Cellard, C., et M-A Roy, « What areas of everyday functioning are affected by theory of mind deficits in recent-onset schizophrenia spectrum disorders? », Early Interv Psychiatry, vol. 17, nᵒ 1, p. 57-64, 2023.
S. Brodeur, Vanasse, A., Courteau, J., Courteau, M., Stip, E., Fleury, M. - J., Lesage, A., Demers, M. - F., et M-A Roy, « Antipsychotic utilization trajectories three years after initiating or reinitiating treatment of schizophrenia: A state sequence analysis approach. », Acta Psychiatr Scand, vol. 145, nᵒ 5, p. 469-480, 2022.
S. Brodeur, Courteau, J., Vanasse, A., Courteau, M., Stip, E., Fleury, M. - J., Lesage, A., Demers, M. - F., Corbeil, O., Béchard, L., et M-A Roy, « Association between previous and future antipsychotic adherence in patients initiating clozapine: real-world observational study. », Br J Psychiatry, p. 1-8, 2022.
S. Brodeur, Vanasse, A., Courteau, J., Stip, E., Lesage, A., Fleury, M. - J., Courteau, M., et M-A Roy, « Comparative effectiveness and safety of antipsychotic drugs in patients with schizophrenia initiating or reinitiating treatment: A Real-World Observational Study. », Acta Psychiatr Scand, vol. 145, nᵒ 5, p. 456-468, 2022.
A. LeBlanc, Baron, M., Blouin, P., Tarabulsy, G., Routhier, F., Mercier, C., Després, J. - P., Hébert, M., De Koninck, Y., Cellard, C., Collin-Vézina, D., Côté, N., Dionne, É., Fleet, R., Gagné, M. - H., Isabelle, M., Lessard, L., Menear, M., Mérette, C., Ouellet, M. - C., M-A Roy, Saint-Jacques, M. - C., et Savard, C., « For a structured response to the psychosocial consequences of the restrictive measures imposed by the global COVID-19 health pandemic: the MAVIPAN longitudinal prospective cohort study protocol. », BMJ Open, vol. 12, nᵒ 4, p. e048749, 2022.
L. Béchard, Corbeil, O., Thivierge, M. - A., Assaad, I., Boulanger, C., Mailhot, M. - P., Turgeon-Fournier, A., M-A Roy, et Demers, M. - F., « Management of Rhabdomyolysis in a Patient Treated with Clozapine: A Case Report and Clinical Recommendations. », Clin Psychopharmacol Neurosci, vol. 20, nᵒ 1, p. 194-198, 2022.
A. Vanasse, Courteau, J., Courteau, M., M-A Roy, Stip, E., Fleury, M. - J., Lesage, A., et Brodeur, S., « Multidimensional analysis of adult patients' care trajectories before a first diagnosis of schizophrenia. », Schizophrenia (Heidelb), vol. 8, nᵒ 1, p. 52, 2022.
M. Ferrari, Iyer, S., LeBlanc, A., M-A Roy, et Abdel-Baki, A., « A Rapid-Learning Health System to Support Implementation of Early Intervention Services for Psychosis in Quebec, Canada: Protocol. », JMIR Res Protoc, vol. 11, nᵒ 7, p. e37346, 2022.
O. Corbeil, Essiambre, A. - M., Béchard, L., Roy, A. - A., Huot-Lavoie, M., Brodeur, S., Chandrasena, R., Thériault, C., Crocker, C., Melun, J. - P., Tibbo, P., Demers, M. - F., et M-A Roy, « Real-life effectiveness of transitioning from paliperidone palmitate 1-monthly to paliperidone palmitate 3-monthly long-acting injectable formulation. », Ther Adv Psychopharmacol, vol. 12, p. 20451253221136021, 2022.
D. Schöttle, Clerzius, G., Janetzky, W., Oluboka, O., M-A Roy, Therrien, F., et Wiedemann, K., « Real-world effectiveness of aripiprazole once-monthly REACT study: Pooled analysis of two noninterventional studies. », Eur Psychiatry, vol. 65, nᵒ 1, p. e42, 2022.
O. Tatar, Abdel-Baki, A., Wittevrongel, A., Lecomte, T., Copeland, J., Lachance-Touchette, P., Coronado-Montoya, S., Côté, J., Crockford, D., Dubreucq, S., L'Heureux, S., Ouellet-Plamondon, C., M-A Roy, Tibbo, P. G., Villeneuve, M., et Jutras-Aswad, D., « Reducing Cannabis Use in Young Adults With Psychosis Using iCanChange, a Mobile Health App: Protocol for a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial (ReCAP-iCC). », JMIR Res Protoc, vol. 11, nᵒ 11, p. e40817, 2022.

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