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N. Berthelot, Paccalet, T., Gilbert, E., Moreau, I., Mérette, C., Gingras, N., Rouleau, N., et Maziade, M., « Childhood abuse and neglect may induce deficits in cognitive precursors of psychosis in high-risk children. », J Psychiatry Neurosci, vol. 40, nᵒ 5, p. 336-43, 2015.
C. Cellard, Rouleau, N., Moreau, I., Gilbert, E., Paccalet, T., M-A Roy, Jomphe, V., Mérette, C., et Maziade, M., « Cognitive structure from childhood to adulthood in kindreds densely affected by schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. », Psychiatry Res, vol. 229, nᵒ 1-2, p. 101-8, 2015.
M-A Roy, Achim, A., Vallières, C., Labbé, A., Mérette, C., Maziade, M., Demers, M. - F., et Bouchard, R. - H., « Comorbidity between anxiety disorders and recent-onset psychotic disorders. », Schizophr Res, vol. 166, nᵒ 1-3, p. 353-4, 2015.
J. A. Gross, Bureau, A., Croteau, J., Galfalvy, H., Oquendo, M. A., Haghighi, F., Mérette, C., Giegling, I., Hodgkinson, C., Goldman, D., Rujescu, D., J Mann, J., et Turecki, G., « A genome-wide copy number variant study of suicidal behavior. », PLoS One, vol. 10, nᵒ 5, p. e0128369, 2015.
V. Riva, Battaglia, M., Nobile, M., Cattaneo, F., Lazazzera, C., Mascheretti, S., Giorda, R., Mérette, C., Emond, C., Maziade, M., et Marino, C., « GRIN2B predicts attention problems among disadvantaged children. », Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry, vol. 24, nᵒ 7, p. 827-36, 2015.
H. Moffet, Tousignant, M., Nadeau, S., Mérette, C., Boissy, P., Corriveau, H., Marquis, F., Cabana, F., Ranger, P., Belzile, É. L., et Dimentberg, R., « In-Home Telerehabilitation Compared with Face-to-Face Rehabilitation After Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Noninferiority Randomized Controlled Trial. », J Bone Joint Surg Am, vol. 97, nᵒ 14, p. 1129-41, 2015.
M. Hébert, Mérette, C., Paccalet, T., Emond, C., Gagné, A. - M., Sasseville, A., et Maziade, M., « Light evoked potentials measured by electroretinogram may tap into the neurodevelopmental roots of schizophrenia. », Schizophr Res, vol. 162, nᵒ 1-3, p. 294-5, 2015.

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