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Trail Making Tests A and B: regression-based normative data for Quebec French-speaking mid and older aged adults., St-Hilaire, Alexandre, Parent Camille, Potvin Olivier, Bherer Louis, Gagnon Jean-François, Joubert Sven, Belleville Sylvie, Wilson Maximiliano A., Koski Lisa, Rouleau Isabelle, Hudon Carol, and Macoir Joël , Clin Neuropsychol, 2018 May 04, p.1-14, (2018)
Normative data for the Clock Drawing Test for French-Quebec mid- and older aged healthy adults., Turcotte, Valérie, Gagnon Marie-Eve, Joubert Sven, Rouleau Isabelle, Gagnon Jean-François, Escudier Frédérique, Koski Lisa, Potvin Olivier, Macoir Joël, and Hudon Carol , Clin Neuropsychol, 2018 May 09, p.1-11, (2018)
Normative data for the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test in the older French-Quebec population., Lavoie, Monica, Bherer Louis, Joubert Sven, Gagnon Jean-François, Blanchet Sophie, Rouleau Isabelle, Macoir Joël, and Hudon Carol , Clin Neuropsychol, 2018 Feb 01, p.1-14, (2018)
MEMO+: Efficacy, Durability and Effect of Cognitive Training and Psychosocial Intervention in Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment., Belleville, Sylvie, Hudon Carol, Bier Nathalie, Brodeur Catherine, Gilbert Brigitte, Grenier Sébastien, Ouellet Marie-Christine, Viscogliosi Chantal, and Gauthier Serge , J Am Geriatr Soc, 2018 Apr, Volume 66, Issue 4, p.655-663, (2018)
Validation of the Dépistage Cognitif de Québec: A New Cognitive Screening Tool for Atypical Dementias., Laforce, Robert, Sellami Leila, Bergeron David, Paradis Audrey, Verret Louis, Fortin Marie-Pierre, Houde Michèle, Roy Martin, Poulin Stéphane, Macoir Joël, Hudon Carol, and Bouchard Rémi W. , Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2018 Feb 01, Volume 33, Issue 1, p.57-65, (2018)
Neuropsychological Measures that Predict Progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's type dementia in Older Adults: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis., Belleville, Sylvie, Fouquet Céline, Hudon Carol, Zomahoun Hervé Tchala Vig, and Croteau Jordie , Neuropsychol Rev, 2017 Dec, Volume 27, Issue 4, p.328-353, (2017)
A SEMantic and EPisodic Memory Test (SEMEP) Developed within the Embodied Cognition Framework: Application to Normal Aging, Alzheimer's Disease and Semantic Dementia., Vallet, Guillaume T., Hudon Carol, Bier Nathalie, Macoir Joël, Versace Rémy, and Simard Martine , Front Psychol, 2017, Volume 8, p.1493, (2017)
Object decision test (BORB): normative data for the adult Quebec population and performance in Alzheimer's disease and the semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia., St-Hilaire, Alexandre, Blackburn Marie-Claude, Wilson Maximiliano A., Laforce, Jr Robert, Hudon Carol, and Macoir Joël , Neuropsychol Dev Cogn B Aging Neuropsychol Cogn, 2017 Apr 21, p.1-16, (2017)
Non-Pharmacologic Interventions for Older Adults with Subjective Cognitive Decline: Systematic Review, Meta-Analysis, and Preliminary Recommendations., Smart, Colette M., Karr Justin E., Areshenkoff Corson N., Rabin Laura A., Hudon Carol, Gates Nicola, Ali Jordan I., Arenaza-Urquijo Eider M., Buckley Rachel F., Chetelat Gael, Hampel Harald, Jessen Frank, Marchant Natalie L., Sikkes Sietske A. M., Tales Andrea, van der Flier Wiesje M., and Wesselman Linda , Neuropsychol Rev, 2017 Sep, Volume 27, Issue 3, p.245-257, (2017)
Memory for emotional images differs according to the presence of depressive symptoms in individuals at risk for dementia., Callahan, Brandy L., Laforce Robert, Dugas Michel, and Hudon Carol , Int Psychogeriatr, 2017 Apr, Volume 29, Issue 4, p.673-685, (2017)
Utilization of healthcare services among elderly with cognitive impairment no dementia and influence of depression and anxiety: a longitudinal study., St-Hilaire, Alexandre, Hudon Carol, Préville Michel, and Potvin Olivier , Aging Ment Health, 2017 Aug, Volume 21, Issue 8, p.810-822, (2017)
Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairments Show Less Driving Errors after a Multiple Sessions Simulator Training Program but Do Not Exhibit Long Term Retention., Teasdale, Normand, Simoneau Martin, Hudon Lisa, Robitaille Mathieu Germain, Moszkowicz Thierry, Laurendeau Denis, Bherer Louis, Duchesne Simon, and Hudon Carol , Front Hum Neurosci, 2016, Volume 10, p.653, (2016)
When the Wedding March becomes sad: Semantic memory impairment for music in the semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia., Macoir, Joël, Berubé-Lalancette Sarah, Wilson Maximiliano A., Laforce Robert, Hudon Carol, Gravel Pierre, Potvin Olivier, Duchesne Simon, and Monetta Laura , Neurocase, 2016 Dec, Volume 22, Issue 6, p.486-495, (2016)
Guided self-help for generalized anxiety disorder in older adults., Landreville, Philippe, Gosselin Patrick, Grenier Sébastien, Hudon Carol, and Lorrain Dominique , Aging Ment Health, 2016 Oct, Volume 20, Issue 10, p.1070-83, (2016)
Normative Data for the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in Middle-Aged and Elderly Quebec-French People., Larouche, Eddy, Tremblay Marie-Pier, Potvin Olivier, Laforest Sophie, Bergeron David, Laforce Robert, Monetta Laura, Boucher Linda, Tremblay Pascale, Belleville Sylvie, Lorrain Dominique, Gagnon Jean-François, Gosselin Nadia, Castellano Christian-Alexandre, Cunnane Stephen C., Macoir Joël, and Hudon Carol , Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2016 Sep 13, (2016)
Drivers with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment Can Benefit from a Multiple-Session Driving Simulator Automated Training Program., Teasdale, Normand, Simoneau Martin, Hudon Lisa, Moszkowicz Thierry, Laurendeau Denis, Robitaille Mathieu Germain, Bherer Louis, Duchesne Simon, and Hudon Carol , J Am Geriatr Soc, 2016 Sep, Volume 64, Issue 9, p.e16-8, (2016)
Impact of Depressive Symptoms on Memory for Emotional Words in Mild Cognitive Impairment and Late-Life Depression., Callahan, Brandy L., Simard Martine, Mouiha Abderazzak, Rousseau François, Laforce Robert, and Hudon Carol , J Alzheimers Dis, 2016 03 22, Volume 52, Issue 2, p.451-62, (2016)
Evaluating Decision-Making: Validation and Regression-Based Normative Data of the Judgment Assessment Tool., Escudier, Frédérique, Léveillé Edith, Charbonneau Simon, Cole Jessica, Hudon Carol, Bédirian Valérie, and Scherzer Peter , Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2016 Apr 26, (2016)
The Victoria Stroop Test: Normative Data in Quebec-French Adults and Elderly., Tremblay, Marie-Pier, Potvin Olivier, Belleville Sylvie, Bier Nathalie, Gagnon Lise, Blanchet Sophie, Domingues Nélia-Sofia, Gaudreau Geneviève, Macoir Joël, and Hudon Carol , Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2016 May 30, (2016)
Normative data for phonemic and semantic verbal fluency test in the adult French-Quebec population and validation study in Alzheimer's disease and depression., St-Hilaire, Alexandre, Hudon Carol, Vallet Guillaume T., Bherer Louis, Lussier Maxime, Gagnon Jean-François, Simard Martine, Gosselin Nadia, Escudier Frédérique, Rouleau Isabelle, and Macoir Joël , Clin Neuropsychol, 2016 Oct, Volume 30, Issue 7, p.1126-50, (2016)
Normative data for the Rappel libre/Rappel indicé à 16 items (16-item Free and Cued Recall) in the elderly Quebec-French population., Dion, Mélissa, Potvin Olivier, Belleville Sylvie, Ferland Guylaine, Renaud Mélanie, Bherer Louis, Joubert Sven, Vallet Guillaume T., Simard Martine, Rouleau Isabelle, Lecomte Sarah, Macoir Joël, and Hudon Carol , Clin Neuropsychol, 2015, Volume 28 Suppl 1, p.S1-19, (2015)
Measuring the impact of cognitive and psychosocial interventions in persons with mild cognitive impairment with a randomized single-blind controlled trial: rationale and design of the MEMO+ study., Bier, Nathalie, Grenier Sébastien, Brodeur Catherine, Gauthier Serge, Gilbert Brigitte, Hudon Carol, Lepage Émilie, Ouellet Marie-Christine, Viscogliosi Chantal, and Belleville Sylvie , Int Psychogeriatr, 2015 Mar, Volume 27, Issue 3, p.511-25, (2015)
Semantic memory impairment for biological and man-made objects in individuals with amnestic mild cognitive impairment or late-life depression., Callahan, Brandy L., Joubert Sven, Tremblay Marie-Pier, Macoir Joël, Belleville Sylvie, Rousseau François, Bouchard Rémi W., Verret Louis, and Hudon Carol , J Geriatr Psychiatry Neurol, 2015 Jun, Volume 28, Issue 2, p.108-16, (2015)
Normative data for the Rey-Osterrieth and the Taylor complex figure tests in Quebec-French people., Tremblay, Marie-Pier, Potvin Olivier, Callahan Brandy L., Belleville Sylvie, Gagnon Jean-François, Caza Nicole, Ferland Guylaine, Hudon Carol, and Macoir Joël , Arch Clin Neuropsychol, 2015 Feb, Volume 30, Issue 1, p.78-87, (2015)
DNA methylation and single nucleotide variants in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and oxytocin receptor (OXTR) genes are associated with anxiety/depression in older women., Chagnon, Yvon C., Potvin Olivier, Hudon Carol, and Préville Michel , Front Genet, 2015, Volume 6, p.230, (2015)

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