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Intergenerational transmission of attachment in abused and neglected mothers: the role of trauma-specific reflective functioning., Berthelot, Nicolas, Ensink Karin, Bernazzani Odette, Normandin Lina, Luyten Patrick, and Fonagy Peter , Infant Ment Health J, 2015 Mar-Apr, Volume 36, Issue 2, p.200-12, (2015)
Mentalization in children and mothers in the context of trauma: An initial study of the validity of the Child Reflective Functioning Scale., Ensink, Karin, Normandin Lina, Target Mary, Fonagy Peter, Sabourin Stéphane, and Berthelot Nicolas , Br J Dev Psychol, 2015 Jun, Volume 33, Issue 2, p.203-17, (2015)
Response: Behind the closed doors of mentalizing. A commentary on "Another step closer to measuring the ghosts in the nursery: preliminary validation of the Trauma Reflective Functioning Scale"., Ensink, Karin, Fonagy Peter, Berthelot Nicolas, Normandin Lina, and Bernazzani Odette , Front Psychol, 2015, Volume 6, p.697, (2015)
[Child abuse and parenting]., Sirois, Mathieu, Berthelot Nicolas, Drouin-Maziade Christine, Germain Patricia, and Martel Marie-Josée , Soins Pediatr Pueric, 2015 May-Jun, Issue 284, p.44-7, (2015)
Childhood abuse and neglect may induce deficits in cognitive precursors of psychosis in high-risk children., Berthelot, Nicolas, Paccalet Thomas, Gilbert Elsa, Moreau Isabel, Merette Chantal, Gingras Nathalie, Rouleau Nancie, and Maziade Michel , J Psychiatry Neurosci, 2015 Sep, Volume 40, Issue 5, p.336-43, (2015)

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