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Mediators and treatment matching in behavior therapy, cognitive therapy and cognitive behavior therapy for chronic insomnia., Harvey, Allison G., Dong Lu, Bélanger Lynda, and Morin Charles M. , J Consult Clin Psychol, 2017 Oct, Volume 85, Issue 10, p.975-987, (2017)
How Hyperarousal and Sleep Reactivity Are Represented in Different Adult Age Groups: Results from a Large Cohort Study on Insomnia., Altena, Ellemarije, Chen Ivy Y., Daviaux Yannick, Ivers Hans, Philip Pierre, and Morin Charles M. , Brain Sci, 2017 Apr 14, Volume 7, Issue 4, (2017)
Cognitive and behavioral therapies in the treatment of insomnia: A meta-analysis., van Straten, Annemieke, van der Zweerde Tanja, Kleiboer Annet, Cuijpers Pim, Morin Charles M., and Lancee Jaap , Sleep Med Rev, 2017 Feb 09, (2017)
Sleep the night before and after a treatment session: A critical ingredient for treatment adherence?, Dolsen, Michael R., Soehner Adriane M., Morin Charles M., Bélanger Lynda, Walker Matthew, and Harvey Allison G. , J Consult Clin Psychol, 2017 Jun, Volume 85, Issue 6, p.647-652, (2017)
Long-Term Maintenance of Therapeutic Gains Associated With Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Delivered Alone or Combined With Zolpidem., Beaulieu-Bonneau, Simon, Ivers Hans, Guay Bernard, and Morin Charles M. , Sleep, 2017 Mar 01, Volume 40, Issue 3, (2017)
Familial Aggregation of Insomnia., Jarrin, Denise C., Morin Charles M., Rochefort Amélie, Ivers Hans, Dauvilliers Yves A., Savard Josée, LeBlanc Mélanie, and Mérette Chantal , Sleep, 2017 Feb 01, Volume 40, Issue 2, (2017)
Attention following traumatic brain injury: Neuropsychological and driving simulator data, and association with sleep, sleepiness, and fatigue, Beaulieu-Bonneau, Simon, Fortier-Brochu Émilie, Ivers Hans, and Morin Charles M. , Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 2017/02/17, Volume 27, Issue 2, p.216 - 238, (2017)
Measurement of narcolepsy symptoms: The Narcolepsy Severity Scale., Dauvilliers, Yves, Beziat Severine, Pesenti Carole, Lopez Regis, Barateau Lucie, Carlander Bertrand, Luca Gianina, Tafti Mehdi, Morin Charles M., Billiard Michel, and Jaussent Isabelle , Neurology, 2017 Apr 04, Volume 88, Issue 14, p.1358-1365, (2017)
Effect of a Web-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia Intervention With 1-Year Follow-up: A Randomized Clinical Trial., Ritterband, Lee M., Thorndike Frances P., Ingersoll Karen S., Lord Holly R., Gonder-Frederick Linda, Frederick Christina, Quigg Mark S., Cohn Wendy F., and Morin Charles M. , JAMA Psychiatry, 2017 Jan 01, Volume 74, Issue 1, p.68-75, (2017)
Familial Aggregation of Insomnia., Jarrin, Denise C., Rochefort Amélie, Ivers Hans, Merette Chantal, Dauvilliers Yves A., Savard Josée, LeBlanc Mélanie, and Morin Charles M. , Sleep, 2016 Nov 14, (2016)
Cognitive-behavior therapy singly and combined with medication for persistent insomnia: Impact on psychological and daytime functioning., Morin, Charles M., Beaulieu-Bonneau Simon, Bélanger Lynda, Ivers Hans, Ortuño Montserrat Sánchez, Vallières Annie, Savard Josée, Guay Bernard, and Mérette Chantal , Behav Res Ther, 2016 Dec, Volume 87, p.109-116, (2016)
Temporal Stability of the Ford Insomnia Response to Stress Test (FIRST)., Jarrin, Denise C., Chen Ivy Y., Ivers Hans, Drake Christopher L., and Morin Charles M. , J Clin Sleep Med, 2016 Oct 15, Volume 12, Issue 10, p.1373-1378, (2016)
Long-Term Effects of Two Formats of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Comorbid with Breast Cancer., Savard, Josée, Ivers Hans, Savard Marie-Hélène, and Morin Charles M. , Sleep, 2016 Apr 1, Volume 39, Issue 4, p.813-23, (2016)
Change in Dysfunctional Beliefs About Sleep in Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia., Eidelman, Polina, Talbot Lisa, Ivers Hans, Bélanger Lynda, Morin Charles M., and Harvey Allison G. , Behav Ther, 2016 Jan, Volume 47, Issue 1, p.102-15, (2016)
Sequential psychological and pharmacological therapies for comorbid and primary insomnia: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial., Morin, Charles M., Edinger Jack D., Krystal Andrew D., Buysse Daniel J., Beaulieu-Bonneau Simon, and Ivers Hans , Trials, 2016 Mar 03, Volume 17, Issue 1, p.118, (2016)
Impact of comorbid anxiety and depressive disorders on treatment response to cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia., Bélanger, Lynda, Harvey Allison G., Fortier-Brochu Émilie, Beaulieu-Bonneau Simon, Eidelman Polina, Talbot Lisa, Ivers Hans, Hein Kerrie, Lamy Manon, Soehner Adriane M., Mérette Chantal, and Morin Charles M. , J Consult Clin Psychol, 2016 Aug, Volume 84, Issue 8, p.659-67, (2016)
Nocturnal heart rate variability in patients treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia., Jarrin, Denise C., Chen Ivy Y., Ivers Hans, Lamy Manon, Vallières Annie, and Morin Charles M. , Health Psychol, 2016 Jun, Volume 35, Issue 6, p.638-41, (2016)
Qualitative studies of insomnia: Current state of knowledge in the field., Araújo, Taís, Jarrin Denise C., Leanza Yvan, Vallières Annie, and Morin Charles M. , Sleep Med Rev, 2016 Jan 14, (2016)
Sequential Treatment of Comorbid Insomnia and Generalized Anxiety Disorder., Belleville, Geneviève, Ivers Hans, Bélanger Lynda, Blais France C., and Morin Charles M. , J Clin Psychol, 2016 Sep, Volume 72, Issue 9, p.880-96, (2016)
Association between stress-related sleep reactivity and cognitive processes in insomnia disorder and insomnia subgroups: preliminary results., Palagini, Laura, Faraguna Ugo, Mauri Mauro, Gronchi Alessia, Morin Charles M., and Riemann Dieter , Sleep Med, 2016 Mar, Volume 19, p.101-7, (2016)
Relationship between insomnia symptoms, perceived stress and coping strategies in subjects with arterial hypertension: psychological factors may play a modulating role., Palagini, Laura, Bruno Rosa Maria, Cheng Philip, Mauri Mauro, Taddei Stefano, Ghiadoni Lorenzo, Drake Christopher L., and Morin Charles M. , Sleep Med, 2016 Mar, Volume 19, p.108-15, (2016)
Telephone-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women With Vasomotor Symptoms: A MsFLASH Randomized Clinical Trial., McCurry, Susan M., Guthrie Katherine A., Morin Charles M., Woods Nancy F., Landis Carol A., Ensrud Kristine E., Larson Joseph C., Joffe Hadine, Cohen Lee S., Hunt Julie R., Newton Katherine M., Otte Julie L., Reed Susan D., Sternfeld Barbara, Tinker Lesley F., and LaCroix Andrea Z. , JAMA Intern Med, 2016 Jul 1, Volume 176, Issue 7, p.913-20, (2016)

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