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The economic burden of insomnia: direct and indirect costs for individuals with insomnia syndrome, insomnia symptoms, and good sleepers., Daley, Meagan, Morin Charles M., LeBlanc Mélanie, Grégoire Jean-Pierre, and Savard Josée , Sleep, 2009 Jan, Volume 32, Issue 1, p.55-64, (2009)
The natural history of insomnia: a population-based 3-year longitudinal study., Morin, Charles M., Bélanger Lynda, LeBlanc Mélanie, Ivers Hans, Savard Josée, Espie Colin A., Mérette Chantal, Baillargeon Lucie, and Grégoire Jean-Pierre , Arch Intern Med, 2009 Mar 9, Volume 169, Issue 5, p.447-53, (2009)
Incidence and risk factors of insomnia in a population-based sample., LeBlanc, Mélanie, Mérette Chantal, Savard Josée, Ivers Hans, Baillargeon Lucie, and Morin Charles M. , Sleep, 2009 Aug, Volume 32, Issue 8, p.1027-37, (2009)
Prevalence, natural course, and risk factors of insomnia comorbid with cancer over a 2-month period., Savard, Josée, Villa Julie, Ivers Hans, Simard Sébastien, and Morin Charles M. , J Clin Oncol, 2009 Nov 1, Volume 27, Issue 31, p.5233-9, (2009)
Cognitive behavioral therapy, singly and combined with medication, for persistent insomnia: a randomized controlled trial., Morin, Charles M., Vallières Annie, Guay Bernard, Ivers Hans, Savard Josée, Mérette Chantal, Bastien Celyne H., and Baillargeon Lucie , JAMA, 2009 May 20, Volume 301, Issue 19, p.2005-15, (2009)

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