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V. Breton-Provencher, Côté, D. C., et Saghatelyan, A., « Activity of the principal cells of the olfactory bulb promotes a structural dynamic on the distal dendrites of immature adult-born granule cells via activation of NMDA receptors. », J Neurosci, vol. 34, nᵒ 5, p. 1748-59, 2014.
M. Lemieux, Chen, J. - Y., Lonjers, P., Bazhenov, M., et Timofeev, I., « The impact of cortical deafferentation on the neocortical slow oscillation. », J Neurosci, vol. 34, nᵒ 16, p. 5689-703, 2014.
O. Thériault, Poulin, H., Sculptoreanu, A., de Groat, W. C., O'Leary, M. E., et Chahine, M., « Modulation of peripheral Na(+) channels and neuronal firing by n-butyl-p-aminobenzoate. », Eur J Pharmacol, vol. 727, p. 158-66, 2014.
C. M. Morin, Leblanc, M., Ivers, H., Bélanger, L., Mérette, C., Savard, J., et Jarrin, D. C., « Monthly fluctuations of insomnia symptoms in a population-based sample. », Sleep, vol. 37, nᵒ 2, p. 319-26, 2014.
J. G. Ellis, Perlis, M. L., Bastien, C. H., Gardani, M., et Espie, C. A., « The natural history of insomnia: acute insomnia and first-onset depression. », Sleep, vol. 37, nᵒ 1, p. 97-106, 2014.
B. L. Callahan, Belleville, S., Ferland, G., Potvin, O., Tremblay, M. - P., Hudon, C., et Macoir, J., « Normative data for a computer-assisted version of the auditory three-consonant Brown-Peterson paradigm in the elderly French-Quebec population. », Clin Neuropsychol, vol. 28, nᵒ 2, p. 317-32, 2014.
V. Moreau, Rouleau, N., et Morin, C. M., « Sleep of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: actigraphic and parental reports. », Behav Sleep Med, vol. 12, nᵒ 1, p. 69-83, 2014.
M. Lafortune, Gagnon, J. - F., Martin, N., Latreille, V., Dubé, J., Bouchard, M., Bastien, C. H., et Carrier, J., « Sleep spindles and rapid eye movement sleep as predictors of next morning cognitive performance in healthy middle-aged and older participants. », J Sleep Res, vol. 23, nᵒ 2, p. 159-67, 2014.
C. M. Morin, Beaulieu-Bonneau, S., Ivers, H., Vallières, A., Guay, B., Savard, J., et Mérette, C., « Speed and trajectory of changes of insomnia symptoms during acute treatment with cognitive-behavioral therapy, singly and combined with medication. », Sleep Med, vol. 15, nᵒ 6, p. 701-7, 2014.
T. P. Vogels, Froemke, R. C., Doyon, N., Gilson, M., Haas, J. S., Liu, R., Maffei, A., Miller, P., Wierenga, C. J., Woodin, M. A., Zenke, F., et Sprekeler, H., « Inhibitory synaptic plasticity: spike timing-dependence and putative network function. », Front Neural Circuits, vol. 7, p. 119, 2013.
L. Grand, Ftomov, S., et Timofeev, I., « Long-term synchronized electrophysiological and behavioral wireless monitoring of freely moving animals. », J Neurosci Methods, vol. 212, nᵒ 2, p. 237-41, 2013.
G. St-Jean, Turcotte, I., Pérusse, A. D., et Bastien, C. H., « REM and NREM power spectral analysis on two consecutive nights in psychophysiological and paradoxical insomnia sufferers. », Int J Psychophysiol, vol. 89, nᵒ 2, p. 181-94, 2013.
S. Fecteau, Levasseur-Moreau, J., García-Molina, A., Kumru, H., Vergara, R. Pelayo, Bernabeu, M., Roig, T., Pascual-Leone, A., et Tormos, J. Maria, « Risk taking in hospitalized patients with acute and severe traumatic brain injury. », PLoS One, vol. 8, nᵒ 12, p. e83598, 2013.
A. D. Pérusse, Turcotte, I., St-Jean, G., Ellis, J., Hudon, C., et Bastien, C. H., « Types of primary insomnia: is hyperarousal also present during napping? », J Clin Sleep Med, vol. 9, nᵒ 12, p. 1273-80, 2013.
A. Mouiha et Duchesne, S., « Hippocampal atrophy rates in Alzheimer's disease: automated segmentation variability analysis. », Neurosci Lett, vol. 495, nᵒ 1, p. 6-10, 2011.
J. Fujisaki, Wu, J., Carlson, A. L., Silberstein, L., Putheti, P., Larocca, R., Gao, W., Saito, T. I., Celso, C. Lo, Tsuyuzaki, H., Sato, T., Côté, D. C., Sykes, M., Strom, T. B., Scadden, D. T., et Lin, C. P., « In vivo imaging of Treg cells providing immune privilege to the haematopoietic stem-cell niche. », Nature, vol. 474, nᵒ 7350, p. 216-9, 2011.
C. Jacques, Levy, E., Muckle, G., Jacobson, S. W., Bastien, C. H., Dewailly, E., Ayotte, P., Jacobson, J. L., et Saint-Amour, D., « Long-term effects of prenatal omega-3 fatty acid intake on visual function in school-age children. », J Pediatr, vol. 158, nᵒ 1, p. 83-90, 90.e1, 2011.
E. Rousselet, Marcinkiewicz, J., Kriz, J., Zhou, A., Hatten, M. E., Prat, A., et Seidah, N. G., « PCSK9 reduces the protein levels of the LDL receptor in mouse brain during development and after ischemic stroke. », J Lipid Res, vol. 52, nᵒ 7, p. 1383-91, 2011.
A. Vallières, Ivers, H., Beaulieu-Bonneau, S., et Morin, C. M., « Predictability of sleep in patients with insomnia. », Sleep, vol. 34, nᵒ 5, p. 609-17, 2011.

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