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A. Brassard, Charbachi, N., Claing, A., Godbout, N., Savard, C., Lafontaine, M. - F., et Péloquin, K., « Childhood Sexual Abuse, Dyadic Empathy, and Intimate Partner Violence Among Men Seeking Psychological Help. », J Interpers Violence, vol. 37, nᵒ 23-24, p. NP22114-NP22134, 2022.
C. M. Morin et Jarrin, D. C., « Epidemiology of Insomnia: Prevalence, Course, Risk Factors, and Public Health Burden. », Sleep Med Clin, vol. 17, nᵒ 2, p. 173-191, 2022.
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A. Audet, Brassard, A., Dugal, C., Claing, A., Daspe, M. - È., Savard, C., Lafontaine, M. - F., Péloquin, K., et Godbout, N., « Intimate Partner Violence Perpetrated by Men Seeking Help: The Explanatory Roles of Psychological Distress and Affect Dysregulation. », J Interpers Violence, vol. 37, nᵒ 23-24, p. NP22578-NP22599, 2022.
M. Maziade, Jomphe, V., et Bureau, A., « Little impact of cannabis use on the relation between ERG and preclinical traits in children and adolescents at genetic risk of psychosis or mood disorder. », Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, vol. 113, p. 110467, 2022.
C. - J. Lee, Chen, T. - H., Lim, A. Ming Wee, Chang, C. - C., Sie, J. - J., Chen, P. - L., Chang, S. - W., Wu, S. - J., Hsu, C. - L., Hsieh, A. - R., Yang, W. - S., et Fann, C. S. J., « Phenome-wide analysis of Taiwan Biobank reveals novel glycemia-related loci and genetic risks for diabetes. », Commun Biol, vol. 5, nᵒ 1, p. 1175, 2022.

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