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M. D. Pell, Jaywant, A., Monetta, L., et Kotz, S. A., « Emotional speech processing: disentangling the effects of prosody and semantic cues. », Cogn Emot, vol. 25, nᵒ 5, p. 834-53, 2011.
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A. - M. Gagné, Lévesque, F., Gagné, P., et Hébert, M., « Impact of blue vs red light on retinal response of patients with seasonal affective disorder and healthy controls. », Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, vol. 35, nᵒ 1, p. 227-31, 2011.
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J. I. A. Voisin, Rodrigues, E. C., Hétu, S., Jackson, P. L., Vargas, C. D., Malouin, F., C Chapman, E., et Mercier, C., « Modulation of the response to a somatosensory stimulation of the hand during the observation of manual actions. », Exp Brain Res, vol. 208, nᵒ 1, p. 11-9, 2011.
E. Vachon-Presseau, Martel, M. O., Roy, M., Caron, E., Jackson, P. L., et Rainville, P., « The multilevel organization of vicarious pain responses: effects of pain cues and empathy traits on spinal nociception and acute pain. », Pain, vol. 152, nᵒ 7, p. 1525-31, 2011.
D. Safi, Lassonde, M., Nguyen, D. Khoa, Denault, C., Macoir, J., Rouleau, I., et Béland, R., « Reflex reading epilepsy: effect of linguistic characteristics on spike frequency. », Epilepsy Behav, vol. 20, nᵒ 4, p. 659-67, 2011.

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