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Movement sequencing in normal aging: speech, oro-facial, and finger movements., Bilodeau-Mercure, Mylène, Kirouac Vanessa, Langlois Nancy, Ouellet Claudie, Gasse Isabelle, and Tremblay Pascale , Age (Dordr), 2015 Aug, Volume 37, Issue 4, p.9813, (2015)
Assessing motor imagery ability in younger and older adults by combining measures of vividness, controllability and timing of motor imagery., Saimpont, Arnaud, Malouin Francine, Tousignant Béatrice, and Jackson Philip L. , Brain Res, 2015 Feb 9, Volume 1597, p.196-209, (2015)
Investigating the contribution of short wavelengths in the alerting effect of bright light., Sasseville, Alexandre, Martin Jeanne Sophie, Houle Jérôme, and Hébert Marc , Physiol Behav, 2015 Nov 1, Volume 151, p.81-7, (2015)
Real-time modulation of visual feedback on human full-body movements in a virtual mirror: development and proof-of-concept., Roosink, Meyke, Robitaille Nicolas, McFadyen Bradford J., Hébert Luc J., Jackson Philip L., Bouyer Laurent J., and Mercier Catherine , J Neuroeng Rehabil, 2015 Jan 05, Volume 12, p.2, (2015)
Brain-controlled muscle stimulation for the restoration of motor function., Ethier, Christian, and Miller Lee E. , Neurobiol Dis, 2015 Nov, Volume 83, p.180-90, (2015)
Mirroring pain in the brain: emotional expression versus motor imitation., Budell, Lesley, Kunz Miriam, Jackson Philip L., and Rainville Pierre , PLoS One, 2015, Volume 10, Issue 2, p.e0107526, (2015)

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