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J. Vachon-Joannette, Tremblay, C., Langlois, M., Chantal, S., et Monetta, L., « [Are non-literal language comprehension deficits related to a theory of mind deficit in Parkinson's disease?]. », Geriatr Psychol Neuropsychiatr Vieil, vol. 11, nᵒ 2, p. 208-14, 2013.
K. Ensink, Maheux, J., Normandin, L., Sabourin, S., Diguer, L., Berthelot, N., et Parent, K., « The impact of mentalization training on the reflective function of novice therapists: a randomized controlled trial. », Psychother Res, vol. 23, nᵒ 5, p. 526-38, 2013.
A. Achim, Guitton, M. J., Jackson, P. L., et Monetta, L., « Real-life interactions and the eight sources of information framework (8-SIF): a reply to Champagne-Lavau and Moreau (2013). », Psychol Assess, vol. 25, nᵒ 4, p. 1407-8, 2013.
M. - A. Lavoie, Plana, I., Lacroix, J. Bédard, Godmaire-Duhaime, F., Jackson, P. L., et Achim, A., « Social cognition in first-degree relatives of people with schizophrenia: a meta-analysis. », Psychiatry Res, vol. 209, nᵒ 2, p. 129-35, 2013.
G. Gaudreau, Monetta, L., Macoir, J., Laforce, R., Poulin, S., et Hudon, C., « Verbal irony comprehension in older adults with amnestic mild cognitive impairment. », Neuropsychology, vol. 27, nᵒ 6, p. 702-12, 2013.
A. Achim, Guitton, M. J., Jackson, P. L., Boutin, A., et Monetta, L., « On what ground do we mentalize? Characteristics of current tasks and sources of information that contribute to mentalizing judgments. », Psychol Assess, vol. 25, nᵒ 1, p. 117-26, 2013.

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