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O. Potvin, Turcotte, V., et Duchesne, S., « Association Between Cerebellum Volumes and Cognitive Functioning. », Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord, 2019.
C. Dallaire-Théroux, Beheshti, I., Potvin, O., Dieumegarde, L., Saikali, S., et Duchesne, S., « Braak neurofibrillary tangle staging prediction from in vivo MRI metrics. », Alzheimers Dement (Amst), vol. 11, p. 599-609, 2019.
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O. Potvin, Mouiha, A., Dieumegarde, L., et Duchesne, S., « Corrigendum to: "FreeSurfer subcortical normative data" [Data in Brief 9 (2016) 732-736]. », Data Brief, vol. 23, p. 103704, 2019.
C. - A. Castellano, Hudon, C., Croteau, E., Fortier, M., St-Pierre, V., Vandenberghe, C., Nugent, S., Tremblay, S., Paquet, N., Lepage, M., Fülöp, T., Turcotte, É. E., Dionne, I. J., Potvin, O., Duchesne, S., et Cunnane, S. C., « Links Between Metabolic and Structural Changes in the Brain of Cognitively Normal Older Adults: A 4-Year Longitudinal Follow-Up. », Front Aging Neurosci, vol. 11, p. 15, 2019.
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A. P. Badhwar, Collin-Verreault, Y., Orban, P., Urchs, S., Chouinard, I., Vogel, J., Potvin, O., Duchesne, S., et Bellec, P., « Multivariate consistency of resting-state fMRI connectivity maps acquired on a single individual over 2.5 years, 13 sites and 3 vendors. », Neuroimage, vol. 205, p. 116210, 2019.
I. Beheshti, Gravel, P., Potvin, O., Dieumegarde, L., et Duchesne, S., « A novel patch-based procedure for estimating brain age across adulthood. », Neuroimage, vol. 197, p. 618-624, 2019.
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A. Asselin, Potvin, O., Bouchard, L. - O., Brisson, M., et Duchesne, S., « Validation of an Magnetic Resonance Imaging Acquisition and Review Protocol for Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders. », Can Assoc Radiol J, vol. 70, nᵒ 2, p. 172-180, 2019.
O. Potvin, Mouiha, A., Dieumegarde, L., et Duchesne, S., « Corrigendum to 'Normative data for subcortical regional volumes over the lifetime of the adult human brain' [NeuroImage 137 (2016) 9-20]. », Neuroimage, vol. 183, p. 994-995, 2018.
O. Potvin, Dieumegarde, L., et Duchesne, S., « Corrigendum to 'Normative morphometric data for cerebral cortical areas over the lifetime of the adult human brain' [NeuroImage 156 (2017) 315-339]. », Neuroimage, vol. 183, p. 996-998, 2018.
H. Girard, Potvin, O., Nugent, S., Dallaire-Théroux, C., Cunnane, S., et Duchesne, S., « Faster progression from MCI to probable AD for carriers of a single-nucleotide polymorphism associated with type 2 diabetes. », Neurobiol Aging, vol. 64, p. 157.e11-157.e17, 2018.
V. Turcotte, Gagnon, M. - E., Joubert, S., Rouleau, I., Gagnon, J. - F., Escudier, F., Koski, L., Potvin, O., Macoir, J., et Hudon, C., « Normative data for the Clock Drawing Test for French-Quebec mid- and older aged healthy adults. », Clin Neuropsychol, p. 1-11, 2018.
A. St-Hilaire, Parent, C., Potvin, O., Bherer, L., Gagnon, J. - F., Joubert, S., Belleville, S., Wilson, M. A., Koski, L., Rouleau, I., Hudon, C., et Macoir, J., « Trail Making Tests A and B: regression-based normative data for Quebec French-speaking mid and older aged adults. », Clin Neuropsychol, p. 1-14, 2018.

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