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E. Altena, Bastien, C. H., Sanz-Arigita, E. J., Daviaux, Y., Bioulac, S., Micoulaud-Franchi, J. - A., Taillard, J., et Philip, P., « Insomnia does not affect heart rate changes when young adults watch humorous films: An exploratory study. », J Sleep Res, vol. 29, nᵒ 2, p. e12970, 2020.
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C. M. Morin, Carrier, J., Bastien, C. H., et Godbout, R., « Sleep and circadian rhythm in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. », Can J Public Health, vol. 111, nᵒ 5, p. 654-657, 2020.
A. Hamel, Bastien, C. H., Jacques, C., Moreau, A., et Giroux, I., « Sleep or Play Online Poker?: Gambling Behaviors and Tilt Symptoms While Sleep Deprived. », Front Psychiatry, vol. 11, p. 600092, 2020.
A. Sweetman, Lack, L., et Bastien, C. H., « Co-Morbid Insomnia and Sleep Apnea (COMISA): Prevalence, Consequences, Methodological Considerations, and Recent Randomized Controlled Trials. », Brain Sci, vol. 9, nᵒ 12, 2019.
X. Ji, Bastien, C. H., Ellis, J. G., Hale, L., et Grandner, M. A., « Disassembling insomnia symptoms and their associations with depressive symptoms in a community sample: the differential role of sleep symptoms, daytime symptoms, and perception symptoms of insomnia. », Sleep Health, 2019.
C. H. Bastien, Ellis, J. G., Athey, A., Chakravorty, S., Robbins, R., Knowlden, A. P., Charest, J., et Grandner, M. A., « Driving After Drinking Alcohol Associated with Insufficient Sleep and Insomnia among Student Athletes and Non-Athletes. », Brain Sci, vol. 9, nᵒ 2, 2019.
L. Palagini, Bastien, C. H., Marazziti, D., Ellis, J. G., et Riemann, D., « The key role of insomnia and sleep loss in the dysregulation of multiple systems involved in mood disorders: A proposed model. », J Sleep Res, p. e12841, 2019.
M. Saad, Ray, L. B., Bujaki, B., Parvaresh, A., Palamarchuk, I., De Koninck, J., Douglass, A., Lee, E. K., Soucy, L. J., Fogel, S., Morin, C. M., Bastien, C. H., Merali, Z., et Robillard, R., « Using heart rate profiles during sleep as a biomarker of depression. », BMC Psychiatry, vol. 19, nᵒ 1, p. 168, 2019.

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