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A. Hone-Blanchet, Salas, R. E., Celnik, P., Kalloo, A., Schar, M., Puts, N. A. J., Harris, A. D., Barker, P. B., Fecteau, S., Earley, C. J., Allen, R. P., et Edden, R. A., « Co-registration of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and transcranial magnetic stimulation. », J Neurosci Methods, vol. 242, p. 52-7, 2015.
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M. Mondino, Thiffault, F., et Fecteau, S., « Does non-invasive brain stimulation applied over the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex non-specifically influence mood and emotional processing in healthy individuals? », Front Cell Neurosci, vol. 9, p. 399, 2015.
A. Hone-Blanchet, Ciraulo, D. A., Pascual-Leone, A., et Fecteau, S., « Noninvasive brain stimulation to suppress craving in substance use disorders: Review of human evidence and methodological considerations for future work. », Neurosci Biobehav Rev, vol. 59, p. 184-200, 2015.
A. Etiévant, Manta, S., Latapy, C., Magno, L. Alexandre, Fecteau, S., et Beaulieu, J. - M., « Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation induces long-lasting changes in protein expression and histone acetylation. », Sci Rep, vol. 5, p. 16873, 2015.
M. Mondino, Brunelin, J., Palm, U., Brunoni, A. R., Poulet, E., et Fecteau, S., « Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for the Treatment of Refractory Symptoms of Schizophrenia. Current Evidence and Future Directions. », Curr Pharm Des, vol. 21, nᵒ 23, p. 3373-83, 2015.
S. Fecteau, Tormos, J. Maria, Gangitano, M., Théoret, H., et Pascual-Leone, A., « Modulation of cortical motor outputs by the symbolic meaning of visual stimuli. », Eur J Neurosci, vol. 32, nᵒ 1, p. 172-7, 2010.
P. Sérgio Boggio, Campanhã, C., Valasek, C. A., Fecteau, S., Pascual-Leone, A., et Fregni, F., « Modulation of decision-making in a gambling task in older adults with transcranial direct current stimulation. », Eur J Neurosci, vol. 31, nᵒ 3, p. 593-7, 2010.
P. S. Boggio, Zaghi, S., Villani, A. Beatriz, Fecteau, S., Pascual-Leone, A., et Fregni, F., « Modulation of risk-taking in marijuana users by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC). », Drug Alcohol Depend, vol. 112, nᵒ 3, p. 220-5, 2010.
S. Fecteau, Fregni, F., Boggio, P. S., Camprodon, J. A., et Pascual-Leone, A., « Neuromodulation of decision-making in the addictive brain. », Subst Use Misuse, vol. 45, nᵒ 11, p. 1766-86, 2010.
P. Sérgio Boggio, Rocha, M., Oliveira, M. Okada, Fecteau, S., Cohen, R. B., Campanhã, C., Ferreira-Santos, E., Meleiro, A., Corchs, F., Zaghi, S., Pascual-Leone, A., et Fregni, F., « Noninvasive brain stimulation with high-frequency and low-intensity repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder. », J Clin Psychiatry, vol. 71, nᵒ 8, p. 992-9, 2010.

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