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P. Tremblay, « Current themes in the neurobiology of language: Highlights from the third annual Neurobiology of Language Conference (NLC 2011). », Brain Lang, vol. 127, nᵒ 1, p. 34-5, 2013.
P. Tremblay, Dick, A. S., et Small, S. L., « Functional and structural aging of the speech sensorimotor neural system: functional magnetic resonance imaging evidence. », Neurobiol Aging, vol. 34, nᵒ 8, p. 1935-51, 2013.
K. Grabski, Tremblay, P., Gracco, V. L., Girin, L., et Sato, M., « A mediating role of the auditory dorsal pathway in selective adaptation to speech: a state-dependent transcranial magnetic stimulation study. », Brain Res, vol. 1515, p. 55-65, 2013.
G. P. Argyropoulos, Tremblay, P., et Small, S. L., « The neostriatum and response selection in overt sentence production: an fMRI study. », Neuroimage, vol. 82, p. 53-60, 2013.
P. Tremblay, Baroni, M., et Hasson, U., « Processing of speech and non-speech sounds in the supratemporal plane: auditory input preference does not predict sensitivity to statistical structure. », Neuroimage, vol. 66, p. 318-32, 2013.
P. Tremblay, Deschamps, I., et Gracco, V. L., « Regional heterogeneity in the processing and the production of speech in the human planum temporale. », Cortex, vol. 49, nᵒ 1, p. 143-57, 2013.

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