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A. R. Simard, Soulet, D., Gowing, G., J-P Julien, et Rivest, S., « Bone marrow-derived microglia play a critical role in restricting senile plaque formation in Alzheimer's disease. », Neuron, vol. 49, nᵒ 4, p. 489-502, 2006.
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M. - C. Audet, Goulet, S., et Doré, F. Y., « Repeated subchronic exposure to phencyclidine elicits excessive atypical grooming in rats. », Behav Brain Res, vol. 167, nᵒ 1, p. 103-10, 2006.
F. Fregni, Boggio, P. S., Valle, A. C., Rocha, R. R., Duarte, J., Ferreira, M. J. L., Wagner, T., Fecteau, S., Rigonatti, S. P., Riberto, M., Freedman, S. D., et Pascual-Leone, A., « A sham-controlled trial of a 5-day course of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the unaffected hemisphere in stroke patients. », Stroke, vol. 37, nᵒ 8, p. 2115-22, 2006.

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