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A. Nagano-Saito, Habak, C., Mejía-Constaín, B., Degroot, C., Monetta, L., Jubault, T., Bedetti, C., Lafontaine, A. - L., Chouinard, S., Soland, V., Ptito, A., Strafella, A. P., et Monchi, O., « Effect of mild cognitive impairment on the patterns of neural activity in early Parkinson's disease. », Neurobiol Aging, vol. 35, nᵒ 1, p. 223-31, 2014.
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M. - H. Savard, Savard, J., Caplette-Gingras, A., Ivers, H., et Bastien, C. H., « Relationship between objectively recorded hot flashes and sleep disturbances among breast cancer patients: investigating hot flash characteristics other than frequency. », Menopause, vol. 20, nᵒ 10, p. 997-1005, 2013.
G. St-Jean, Turcotte, I., Pérusse, A. D., et Bastien, C. H., « REM and NREM power spectral analysis on two consecutive nights in psychophysiological and paradoxical insomnia sufferers. », Int J Psychophysiol, vol. 89, nᵒ 2, p. 181-94, 2013.

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