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A. Achim, Ouellet, R., M-A Roy, et Jackson, P. L., « Assessment of empathy in first-episode psychosis and meta-analytic comparison with previous studies in schizophrenia. », Psychiatry Res, vol. 190, nᵒ 1, p. 3-8, 2011.
T. Hadjistavropoulos, Craig, K. D., Duck, S., Cano, A., Goubert, L., Jackson, P. L., Mogil, J. S., Rainville, P., Sullivan, M. J. L., Williams, A. C. de C., Vervoort, T., et Fitzgerald, T. Dever, « A biopsychosocial formulation of pain communication. », Psychol Bull, vol. 137, nᵒ 6, p. 910-39, 2011.
G. Beaumont, Mercier, C., Michon, P. - E., Malouin, F., et Jackson, P. L., « Decreasing phantom limb pain through observation of action and imagery: a case series. », Pain Med, vol. 12, nᵒ 2, p. 289-99, 2011.
J. I. A. Voisin, Marcoux, L. - A., Canizales, D. L., Mercier, C., et Jackson, P. L., « I am touched by your pain: limb-specific modulation of the cortical response to a tactile stimulation during pain observation. », J Pain, vol. 12, nᵒ 11, p. 1182-9, 2011.
S. Hétu, Mercier, C., Eugène, F., Michon, P. - E., et Jackson, P. L., « Modulation of brain activity during action observation: influence of perspective, transitivity and meaningfulness. », PLoS One, vol. 6, nᵒ 9, p. e24728, 2011.
J. I. A. Voisin, Rodrigues, E. C., Hétu, S., Jackson, P. L., Vargas, C. D., Malouin, F., C Chapman, E., et Mercier, C., « Modulation of the response to a somatosensory stimulation of the hand during the observation of manual actions. », Exp Brain Res, vol. 208, nᵒ 1, p. 11-9, 2011.
E. Vachon-Presseau, Martel, M. O., Roy, M., Caron, E., Jackson, P. L., et Rainville, P., « The multilevel organization of vicarious pain responses: effects of pain cues and empathy traits on spinal nociception and acute pain. », Pain, vol. 152, nᵒ 7, p. 1525-31, 2011.
M. - P. Coll, Grégoire, M., Latimer, M., Eugène, F., et Jackson, P. L., « Perception of pain in others: implication for caregivers. », Pain Manag, vol. 1, nᵒ 3, p. 257-65, 2011.
J. I. A. Voisin, Mercier, C., Jackson, P. L., Richards, C. L., et Malouin, F., « Is somatosensory excitability more affected by the perspective or modality content of motor imagery? », Neurosci Lett, vol. 493, nᵒ 1-2, p. 33-7, 2011.
E. Brunet-Gouet, Achim, A., Vistoli, D., Passerieux, C., Hardy-Baylé, M. - C., et Jackson, P. L., « The study of social cognition with neuroimaging methods as a means to explore future directions of deficit evaluation in schizophrenia? », Psychiatry Res, vol. 190, nᵒ 1, p. 23-31, 2011.

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