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P. Patel, Kriz, J., Gravel, M., Soucy, G., Bareil, C., Gravel, C., et J-P Julien, « Adeno-associated virus-mediated delivery of a recombinant single-chain antibody against misfolded superoxide dismutase for treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. », Mol Ther, vol. 22, nᵒ 3, p. 498-510, 2014.
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A. Y. Dury, Fatimy, R. El, Tremblay, S., Rose, T. M., Côté, J., De Koninck, P., et Khandjian, E. W., « Nuclear Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein is localized to Cajal bodies. », PLoS Genet, vol. 9, nᵒ 10, p. e1003890, 2013.

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