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Native KCC2 interactome reveals PACSIN1 as a critical regulator of synaptic inhibition., Mahadevan, Vivek, C Khademullah Sahara, Dargaei Zahra, Chevrier Jonah, Uvarov Pavel, Kwan Julian, Bagshaw Richard D., Pawson Tony, Emili Andrew, De Koninck Yves, Anggono Victor, Airaksinen Matti, and Woodin Melanie A. , Elife, 2017 Oct 13, Volume 6, (2017)
α5GABAA Receptors Mediate Tonic Inhibition in the Spinal Cord Dorsal Horn and Contribute to the Resolution Of Hyperalgesia., Perez-Sanchez, Jimena, Lorenzo Louis-Etienne, Lecker Irene, Zurek Agnieszka A., Labrakakis Charalampos, Bridgwater Erica M., Orser Beverley A., De Koninck Yves, and Bonin Robert P. , J Neurosci Res, 2017 Jun, Volume 95, Issue 6, p.1307-1318, (2017)
Neuropsychological Measures that Predict Progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's type dementia in Older Adults: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis., Belleville, Sylvie, Fouquet Céline, Hudon Carol, Zomahoun Hervé Tchala Vig, and Croteau Jordie , Neuropsychol Rev, 2017 Dec, Volume 27, Issue 4, p.328-353, (2017)
Methodological standards and functional correlates of depth in vivo electrophysiological recordings in control rodents. A TASK1-WG3 report of the AES/ILAE Translational Task Force of the ILAE., Hernan, Amanda E., Schevon Catherine A., Worrell Gregory A., Galanopoulou Aristea S., Kahane Philippe, de Curtis Marco, Ikeda Akio, Quilichini Pascale, Williamson Adam, Garcia-Cairasco Norberto, Scott Rod C., and Timofeev Igor , Epilepsia, 2017 11, Volume 58 Suppl 4, p.28-39, (2017)
Motor imagery ability of patients with lower-limb amputation: exploring the course of rehabilitation effects., Saruco, Elodie, Guillot Aymeric, Saimpont Arnaud, DI Rienzo Franck, Durand Anne, Mercier Catherine, Malouin Francine, and Jackson Philip L. , Eur J Phys Rehabil Med, 2017 Nov 16, (2017)
The yoga and meditation daily practice and its association with inattentive and hyperactivity symptoms in ADHD children, Veillette, Félix, Theriault-Couture Frederic, Simard Eugénie, Tessier Louis-Pierre, Rouleau Paule, and Rouleau Nancie , (2017)
Immune and Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Stress Vulnerability and Resilience., Menard, Caroline, Pfau Madeline L., Hodes Georgia E., and Russo Scott J. , Neuropsychopharmacology, 2017 01, Volume 42, Issue 1, p.62-80, (2017)
Sub-chronic variable stress induces sex-specific effects on glutamatergic synapses in the nucleus accumbens., Brancato, Anna, Bregman Dana, H Ahn Francisica, Pfau Madeline L., Menard Caroline, Cannizzaro Carla, Russo Scott J., and Hodes Georgia E. , Neuroscience, 2017 May 14, Volume 350, p.180-189, (2017)
Inflammatory Mediators in Mood Disorders: Therapeutic Opportunities., Pfau, Madeline L., Menard Caroline, and Russo Scott J. , Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol, 2017 Oct 06, (2017)
Establishment of a repeated social defeat stress model in female mice., Takahashi, Aki, Chung Jia-Ru, Zhang Song, Zhang Hongxing, Grossman Yael, Aleyasin Hossein, Flanigan Meghan E., Pfau Madeline L., Menard Caroline, Dumitriu Dani, Hodes Georgia E., McEwen Bruce S., Nestler Eric J., Han Ming-Hu, and Russo Scott J. , Sci Rep, 2017 Oct 09, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.12838, (2017)
Evaluation of high-density, multi-contact nerve cuffs for activation of grasp muscles in monkeys., Brill, Natalie A., Naufel Stephanie Naufel, Polasek Katharine H., Ethier Christian, Cheesborough Jennifer, Agnew Sonya, Miller Lee E., and Tyler Dustin J. , J Neural Eng, 2017 Aug 21, (2017)
Age-Related Shift in Neuro-Activation during a Word-Matching Task., Methqal, Ikram, Provost Jean-Sebastien, Wilson Maximiliano A., Monchi Oury, Amiri Mahnoush, Pinsard Basile, Ansado Jennyfer, and Joanette Yves , Front Aging Neurosci, 2017, Volume 9, p.265, (2017)
TDQ-60 - a color picture-naming test for adults and elderly people: validation and normalization data., Macoir, Joël, Beaudoin Catherine, Bluteau Josée, Potvin Olivier, and Wilson Maximiliano A. , Neuropsychol Dev Cogn B Aging Neuropsychol Cogn, 2017 Aug 30, p.1-14, (2017)
Risk Factors, Neuroanatomical Correlates, and Outcome of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer's Disease., Poulin, Stéphane P., Bergeron David, and Dickerson Bradford C. , J Alzheimers Dis, 2017, Volume 60, Issue 2, p.483-493, (2017)
A SEMantic and EPisodic Memory Test (SEMEP) Developed within the Embodied Cognition Framework: Application to Normal Aging, Alzheimer's Disease and Semantic Dementia., Vallet, Guillaume T., Hudon Carol, Bier Nathalie, Macoir Joël, Versace Rémy, and Simard Martine , Front Psychol, 2017, Volume 8, p.1493, (2017)
Mediators and treatment matching in behavior therapy, cognitive therapy and cognitive behavior therapy for chronic insomnia., Harvey, Allison G., Dong Lu, Bélanger Lynda, and Morin Charles M. , J Consult Clin Psychol, 2017 Oct, Volume 85, Issue 10, p.975-987, (2017)
Role of medial premotor areas in action language processing in relation to motor skills., Courson, Melody, Macoir Joël, and Tremblay Pascale , Cortex, 2017 Oct, Volume 95, p.77-91, (2017)
Survival of a Novel Subset of Midbrain Dopaminergic Neurons Projecting to the Lateral Septum Is Dependent on NeuroD Proteins., Khan, Shabana, Stott Simon R. W., Chabrat Audrey, Truckenbrodt Anna M., Spencer-Dene Bradley, Nave Klaus-Armin, Guillemot François, Lévesque Martin, and Ang Siew-Lan , J Neurosci, 2017 Mar 01, Volume 37, Issue 9, p.2305-2316, (2017)
The making of a mammalian peroxisome, version 2.0: mitochondria get into the mix., Schrader, Michael, and Pellegrini Luca , Cell Death Differ, 2017 Jul, Volume 24, Issue 7, p.1148-1152, (2017)
Different forms of structural plasticity in the adult olfactory bulb., Hardy, Delphine, and Saghatelyan Armen , Neurogenesis (Austin), 2017, Volume 4, Issue 1, p.e1301850, (2017)
Sex-specific transcriptional signatures in human depression., Labonté, Benoit, Engmann Olivia, Purushothaman Immanuel, Menard Caroline, Wang Junshi, Tan Chunfeng, Scarpa Joseph R., Moy Gregory, Loh Yong-Hwee E., Cahill Michael, Lorsch Zachary S., Hamilton Peter J., Calipari Erin S., Hodes Georgia E., Issler Orna, Kronman Hope, Pfau Madeline, Obradovic Aleksandar L. J., Dong Yan, Neve Rachael L., Russo Scott, Kazarskis Andrew, Tamminga Carol, Mechawar Naguib, Turecki Gustavo, Zhang Bin, Shen Li, and Nestler Eric J. , Nat Med, 2017 Sep, Volume 23, Issue 9, p.1102-1111, (2017)
Cognition and anatomy of adult Niemann-Pick disease type C: Insights for the Alzheimer field., Bergeron, David, Poulin Stéphane, and Laforce Robert , Cogn Neuropsychol, 2017 Jun 30, p.1-14, (2017)
An evidence-based approach to the creation of normative data: base rates of impaired scores within a brief neuropsychological battery argue for age corrections, but against corrections for medical conditions., O'Connell, Megan E., Tuokko Holly, Voll Stacey, Simard Martine, Griffith Lauren E., Taler Vanessa, Wolfson Christina, Kirkland Susan, and Raina Parminder , Clin Neuropsychol, 2017 Aug - Oct, Volume 31, Issue 6-7, p.1188-1203, (2017)
[Influence of the internet on eating disorders in teenagers]., Ntwengabarumije, Frédéric, Gingras Nathalie, and Bélanger Richard E. , Soins Psychiatr, 2017 Jul - Aug, Volume 38, Issue 311, p.21-24, (2017)
Parallel Inhibitory and Excitatory Trigemino-Facial Feedback Circuitry for Reflexive Vibrissa Movement., Bellavance, Marie-Andrée, Takatoh Jun, Lu Jinghao, Demers Maxime, Kleinfeld David, Wang Fan, and Deschênes Martin , Neuron, 2017 Aug 02, Volume 95, Issue 3, p.673-682.e4, (2017)

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