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O. Tatar, Abdel-Baki, A., Dyachenko, A., Bakouni, H., Bahremand, A., Tibbo, P. G., Crockford, D., M-A Roy, Copeland, J., Fischer, B., Lecomte, T., Côté, J., Ouellet-Plamondon, C., L'Heureux, S., Villeneuve, M., et Jutras-Aswad, D., « Evaluating preferences for online psychological interventions to decrease cannabis use in young adults with psychosis: An observational study. », Psychiatry Res, vol. 326, p. 115276, 2023.
B. Cloutier, Diotte, F., Murphy, C., M-A Roy, Abdel-Baki, A., Lepage, M., et Lecomte, T., « Evaluating romantic and sexual functioning among persons with psychosis: Reliability and validity of two measures. », Psychiatr Rehabil J, vol. 46, nᵒ 3, p. 265-271, 2023.
L. Roy, Abdel-Baki, A., Bérubé, F. - A., Crocker, A., de Benedictis, L., Dostie, M., Latimer, E., et M-A Roy, « Housing trajectories and the risk of homelessness among new mental health service users: Protocol for the AMONT study. », Early Interv Psychiatry, vol. 17, nᵒ 5, p. 495-501, 2023.
O. Corbeil, Soulard, M., Huot-Lavoie, M., Béchard, L., Fournier, É., Brodeur, S., Essiambre, A. - M., Desmeules, C., Thériault, C., Abdel-Baki, A., Jacques, C., Giroux, I., Dorval, M., M-A Roy, et Demers, M. - F., « Problem gambling among people with first-episode psychosis: protocol for a prospective multicenter cohort study. », BMC Psychiatry, vol. 23, nᵒ 1, p. 287, 2023.
K. A. McKee, Crocker, C. E., Dikaios, K., Otter, N., Bardell, A., M-A Roy, Abdel-Baki, A., Palaniyappan, L., Malla, A., et Tibbo, P. G., « Short communication: Prevalence of long-acting injectable antipsychotic use in Canadian early intervention services for psychosis. », J Psychiatr Res, vol. 165, p. 77-82, 2023.

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