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Alternative splicing modulates the frequency-dependent response of CaMKII to Ca(2+) oscillations., K Bayer, Ulrich, De Koninck Paul, and Schulman Howard , EMBO J, 2002 Jul 15, Volume 21, Issue 14, p.3590-7, (2002)
First person account: Susan's cello., Demers, Marie-France , Schizophr Bull, 2002, Volume 28, Issue 1, p.187-9, (2002)
Dendroarchitecture of relay cells in thalamic barreloids: a substrate for cross-whisker modulation., Varga, Caroline, Sík Attila, Lavallée Philippe, and Deschênes Martin , J Neurosci, 2002 Jul 15, Volume 22, Issue 14, p.6186-94, (2002)
Substrate for cross-talk inhibition between thalamic barreloids., Desîlets-Roy, Barthélémy, Varga Caroline, Lavallée Philippe, and Deschênes Martin , J Neurosci, 2002 May 1, Volume 22, Issue 9, p.RC218, (2002)
Appearance-based segmentation of medial temporal lobe structures., Duchesne, Simon, Pruessner J, and Collins D L. , Neuroimage, 2002 Oct, Volume 17, Issue 2, p.515-31, (2002)
Selective impairments in rats on an odor-guided continuous delayed nonmatching-to-sample (cDNMS) task after fornix transection., Hudon, Carol, Allen Kevin, Potvin Olivier, Doré François Y., and Goulet Sonia , Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 2002 Dec, Volume 26, Issue 7-8, p.1291-301, (2002)
Spatial memory and choice behavior in the radial arm maze after fornix transection., Hudon, Carol, Doré François Y., and Goulet Sonia , Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry, 2002 Oct, Volume 26, Issue 6, p.1113-23, (2002)
The effects of prior light history on the suppression of melatonin by light in humans., Hébert, Marc, Martin Stacia K., Lee Clara, and Eastman Charmane I. , J Pineal Res, 2002 Nov, Volume 33, Issue 4, p.198-203, (2002)
Electrophysiologic and phenotypic features of an autosomal cone-rod dystrophy caused by a novel CRX mutation., Lines, Matthew A., Hébert Marc, McTaggart Kerry E., Flynn Sarah J., Tennant Matthew T., and MacDonald Ian M. , Ophthalmology, 2002 Oct, Volume 109, Issue 10, p.1862-70, (2002)
Electrophysiological evidence suggesting a seasonal modulation of retinal sensitivity in subsyndromal winter depression., Hébert, Marc, Dumont Marie, and Lachapelle Pierre , J Affect Disord, 2002 Apr, Volume 68, Issue 2-3, p.191-202, (2002)
Motor learning produces parallel dynamic functional changes during the execution and imagination of sequential foot movements., Lafleur, Martin F., Jackson Philip L., Malouin Francine, Richards Carol L., Evans Alan C., and Doyon Julien , Neuroimage, 2002 May, Volume 16, Issue 1, p.142-57, (2002)
Trapping of messenger RNA by Fragile X Mental Retardation protein into cytoplasmic granules induces translation repression., Mazroui, Rachid, Huot Marc-Etienne, Tremblay Sandra, Filion Christine, Labelle Yves, and Khandjian E W. , Hum Mol Genet, 2002 Nov 15, Volume 11, Issue 24, p.3007-17, (2002)
Pathways to motor neuron degeneration in transgenic mouse models., Robertson, Janice, Kriz Jasna, Nguyen Minh Dang, and Julien Jean-Pierre , Biochimie, 2002 Nov, Volume 84, Issue 11, p.1151-60, (2002)
Minocycline slows disease progression in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., Kriz, Jasna, Nguyen Minh Dang, and Julien Jean-Pierre , Neurobiol Dis, 2002 Aug, Volume 10, Issue 3, p.268-78, (2002)
Induction of peripherin expression in subsets of brain neurons after lesion injury or cerebral ischemia., Beaulieu, Jean-Martin, Kriz Jasna, and Julien Jean-Pierre , Brain Res, 2002 Aug 16, Volume 946, Issue 2, p.153-61, (2002)
Myosin Va binding to neurofilaments is essential for correct myosin Va distribution and transport and neurofilament density., Rao, Mala V., Engle Linda J., Mohan Panaiyur S., Yuan Aidong, Qiu Dike, Cataldo Anne, Hassinger Linda, Jacobsen Stephen, Lee Virginia M. - Y., Andreadis Athena, Julien Jean-Pierre, Bridgman Paul C., and Nixon Ralph A. , J Cell Biol, 2002 Oct 28, Volume 159, Issue 2, p.279-90, (2002)
Ceruloplasmin regulates iron levels in the CNS and prevents free radical injury., Patel, Bharatkumar N., Dunn Robert J., Jeong Suh Young, Zhu Qinzhang, Julien Jean-Pierre, and David Samuel , J Neurosci, 2002 Aug 1, Volume 22, Issue 15, p.6578-86, (2002)
Normal dendritic arborization in spinal motoneurons requires neurofilament subunit L., Zhang, Zaixiang, Casey Diane M., Julien Jean-Pierre, and Xu Zuoshang , J Comp Neurol, 2002 Aug 19, Volume 450, Issue 2, p.144-52, (2002)
Innate immunity: the missing link in neuroprotection and neurodegeneration?, Nguyen, Minh Dang, Julien Jean-Pierre, and Rivest Serge , Nat Rev Neurosci, 2002 Mar, Volume 3, Issue 3, p.216-27, (2002)
From "Cinquante-Six" to "5quante-Six": The origin of intrusion errors in a patient with probable alzheimer disease., Macoir, Joël, Audet Therese, Lecomte Sarah, and Delisle Josee , Cogn Neuropsychol, 2002 Oct 1, Volume 19, Issue 7, p.579-601, (2002)
Is surface dysgraphia tied to semantic impairment? Evidence from a case of semantic dementia., Macoir, Joël, and Bernier Johanne , Brain Cogn, 2002 Mar-Apr, Volume 48, Issue 2-3, p.452-7, (2002)
Polarization imaging by use of digital holography., Colomb, Tristan, Dahlgren Pia, Beghuin Didier, Cuche Etienne, Marquet Pierre, and Depeursinge Christian , Appl Opt, 2002 Jan 1, Volume 41, Issue 1, p.27-37, (2002)
The rostral migratory stream in adult squirrel monkeys: contribution of new neurons to the olfactory tubercle and involvement of the antiapoptotic protein Bcl-2., Bédard, Andréanne, Lévesque Martin, Bernier Patrick J., and Parent André , Eur J Neurosci, 2002 Nov, Volume 16, Issue 10, p.1917-24, (2002)
Newly generated neurons in the amygdala and adjoining cortex of adult primates., Bernier, Patrick J., Bédard Andréanne, Vinet Jonathan, Lévesque Martin, and Parent André , Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2002 Aug 20, Volume 99, Issue 17, p.11464-9, (2002)
Proliferating cells can differentiate into neurons in the striatum of normal adult monkey., Bédard, Andréanne, Cossette Martine, Lévesque Martin, and Parent André , Neurosci Lett, 2002 Aug 16, Volume 328, Issue 3, p.213-6, (2002)

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