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EEG characteristics prior to and following the evoked K-Complex., Bastien, Célyne H., Ladouceur C, and Campbell K B. , Can J Exp Psychol, 2000 Dec, Volume 54, Issue 4, p.255-65, (2000)
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[Schizophrenia and psychoactive drug abuse: dual diagnostic problem]., Simoneau, I, Villeneuve J, Demers Marie-France, and Bouchard R H. , Can J Psychiatry, 2000 Aug, Volume 45, Issue 6, p.572-3, (2000)
Visual and auditory hallucinations with the association of bupropion and valproate., Filteau, M J., Leblanc J, Lefrançoise S, and Demers Marie-France , Can J Psychiatry, 2000 Mar, Volume 45, Issue 2, p.198-9, (2000)
Muscle specific fragile X related protein 1 isoforms are sequestered in the nucleus of undifferentiated myoblast., Dubé, M, Huot M E., and Khandjian E W. , BMC Genet, 2000, Volume 1, p.4, (2000)
Disruption of LT-antigen/p53 complex by heat treatment correlates with inhibition of DNA synthesis during transforming infection with SV40., Khandjian, E W., and Rose T M. , Biochem Cell Biol, 2000, Volume 78, Issue 4, p.437-45, (2000)
SCN5A mutation (T1620M) causing Brugada syndrome exhibits different phenotypes when expressed in Xenopus oocytes and mammalian cells., Baroudi, G, Carbonneau E, Pouliot V, and Chahine Mohamed , FEBS Lett, 2000 Feb 4, Volume 467, Issue 1, p.12-6, (2000)
The distinct HERG missense mutation L564P causes long QT syndrome in one French Canadian family., St-Pierre, J, Roy N, Blier L, Plante E, Cote J M., Gilbert M, and Chahine Mohamed , Can J Cardiol, 2000 Mar, Volume 16, Issue 3, p.307-12, (2000)
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Electrophysiological characterization of SCN5A mutations causing long QT (E1784K) and Brugada (R1512W and R1432G) syndromes., Deschênes, I, Baroudi G, Berthet M, Barde I, Chalvidan T, Denjoy I, Guicheney P, and Chahine Mohamed , Cardiovasc Res, 2000 Apr, Volume 46, Issue 1, p.55-65, (2000)
An ambiguous fast synapse: a new twist in the tale of two transmitters., Salter, M W., and De Koninck Yves , Nat Neurosci, 1999 Mar, Volume 2, Issue 3, p.199-200, (1999)
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Biology of the fragile X mental retardation protein, an RNA-binding protein., Khandjian, E W. , Biochem Cell Biol, 1999, Volume 77, Issue 4, p.331-42, (1999)
Simultaneous amplitude-contrast and quantitative phase-contrast microscopy by numerical reconstruction of Fresnel off-axis holograms., Cuche, E, Marquet Pierre, and Depeursinge C , Appl Opt, 1999 Dec 1, Volume 38, Issue 34, p.6994-7001, (1999)
Modulation of HERG potassium channel properties by external pH., Bérubé, J, Chahine Mohamed, and Daleau P , Pflugers Arch, 1999 Aug, Volume 438, Issue 3, p.419-22, (1999)
Cysteine scanning analysis of the IFM cluster in the inactivation gate of a human heart sodium channel., Deschênes, I, Trottier E, and Chahine Mohamed , Cardiovasc Res, 1999 May, Volume 42, Issue 2, p.521-9, (1999)
Thioridazine lengthens repolarization of cardiac ventricular myocytes by blocking the delayed rectifier potassium current., Drolet, B, Vincent F, Rail J, Chahine Mohamed, Deschênes D, Nadeau S, Khalifa M, Hamelin B A., and Turgeon J , J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 1999 Mar, Volume 288, Issue 3, p.1261-8, (1999)

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