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S. A. Prescott, Sejnowski, T. J., et De Koninck, Y., « Reduction of anion reversal potential subverts the inhibitory control of firing rate in spinal lamina I neurons: towards a biophysical basis for neuropathic pain. », Mol Pain, vol. 2, p. 32, 2006.
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F. Fregni, Boggio, P. S., Valle, A. C., Rocha, R. R., Duarte, J., Ferreira, M. J. L., Wagner, T., Fecteau, S., Rigonatti, S. P., Riberto, M., Freedman, S. D., et Pascual-Leone, A., « A sham-controlled trial of a 5-day course of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the unaffected hemisphere in stroke patients. », Stroke, vol. 37, nᵒ 8, p. 2115-22, 2006.
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L. Monetta, Ouellet-Plamondon, C., et Joanette, Y., « Simulating the pattern of right-hemisphere-damaged patients for the processing of the alternative metaphorical meanings of words: evidence in favor of a cognitive resources hypothesis. », Brain Lang, vol. 96, nᵒ 2, p. 171-7, 2006.
M. Parent et Parent, A., « Single-axon tracing study of corticostriatal projections arising from primary motor cortex in primates. », J Comp Neurol, vol. 496, nᵒ 2, p. 202-13, 2006.
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M. - C. Ouellet et Morin, C. M., « Subjective and objective measures of insomnia in the context of traumatic brain injury: a preliminary study. », Sleep Med, vol. 7, nᵒ 6, p. 486-97, 2006.
F. Montfort, Colomb, T., Charrière, F., Kühn, J., Marquet, P., Cuche, E., Herminjard, S., et Depeursinge, C., « Submicrometer optical tomography by multiple-wavelength digital holographic microscopy. », Appl Opt, vol. 45, nᵒ 32, p. 8209-17, 2006.
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P. Dufour, Piché, M., De Koninck, Y., et McCarthy, N., « Two-photon excitation fluorescence microscopy with a high depth of field using an axicon. », Appl Opt, vol. 45, nᵒ 36, p. 9246-52, 2006.
P. Dufour, Dufour, S., Castonguay, A., McCarthy, N., et De Koninck, Y., « [Two-photon laser scanning fluorescence microscopy for functional cellular imaging: Advantages and challenges or One photon is good.. but two is better!]. », Med Sci (Paris), vol. 22, nᵒ 10, p. 837-44, 2006.
S. Belleville, Rouleau, N., et Van der Linden, M., « Use of the Hayling task to measure inhibition of prepotent responses in normal aging and Alzheimer's disease. », Brain Cogn, vol. 62, nᵒ 2, p. 113-9, 2006.

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