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Pathogenesis of depression: Insights from human and rodent studies., Menard, Caroline, Hodes G E., and Russo S J. , Neuroscience, 2016 May 03, Volume 321, p.138-162, (2016)
Basal forebrain projections to the lateral habenula modulate aggression reward., Golden, Sam A., Heshmati Mitra, Flanigan Meghan, Christoffel Daniel J., Guise Kevin, Pfau Madeline L., Aleyasin Hossein, Menard Caroline, Zhang Hongxing, Hodes Georgia E., Bregman Dana, Khibnik Lena, Tai Jonathan, Rebusi Nicole, Krawitz Brian, Chaudhury Dipesh, Walsh Jessica J., Han Ming-Hu, Shapiro Matt L., and Russo Scott J. , Nature, 2016 06 30, Volume 534, Issue 7609, p.688-92, (2016)
Integrating Interleukin-6 into depression diagnosis and treatment., Hodes, Georgia E., Menard Caroline, and Russo Scott J. , Neurobiol Stress, 2016 Oct, Volume 4, p.15-22, (2016)
[Psychoeducation for overweight patients with psychiatric disorders: The Wellness program developed in Quebec]., Provencher, Martin D., Bélanger M-È, Shriqui C, Lachance I, and Bonneville S , Encephale, 2016 Jun, Volume 42, Issue 3, p.201-7, (2016)
The coming of age of the mitochondria-ER contact: a matter of thickness., Giacomello, M, and Pellegrini Luca , Cell Death Differ, 2016 Sep 01, Volume 23, Issue 9, p.1417-27, (2016)
Synaptic signalling and plasticity: emerging new players., Tóth, Katalin , J Physiol, 2016 Oct 01, Volume 594, Issue 19, p.5439-40, (2016)
Optic Atrophy 1 Is Epistatic to the Core MICOS Component MIC60 in Mitochondrial Cristae Shape Control., Glytsou, Christina, Calvo Enrique, Cogliati Sara, Mehrotra Arpit, Anastasia Irene, Rigoni Giovanni, Raimondi Andrea, Shintani Norihito, Loureiro Marta, Vazquez Jesùs, Pellegrini Luca, Enriquez Jose Antonio, Scorrano Luca, and Soriano Maria Eugenia , Cell Rep, 2016 Dec 13, Volume 17, Issue 11, p.3024-3034, (2016)
Older Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairments Show Less Driving Errors after a Multiple Sessions Simulator Training Program but Do Not Exhibit Long Term Retention., Teasdale, Normand, Simoneau Martin, Hudon Lisa, Robitaille Mathieu Germain, Moszkowicz Thierry, Laurendeau Denis, Bherer Louis, Duchesne Simon, and Hudon Carol , Front Hum Neurosci, 2016, Volume 10, p.653, (2016)
Sex-dependent effects of chromogranin B P413L allelic variant as disease modifier in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis., Ohta, Yasuyuki, Soucy Geneviève, Phaneuf Daniel, Audet Jean-Nicolas, Gros-Louis François, Rouleau Guy A., Blasco Hélène, Corcia Philippe, Andersen Peter M., Nordin Frida, Yamashita Toru, Abe Koji, and Julien Jean-Pierre , Hum Mol Genet, 2016 11 01, Volume 25, Issue 21, p.4771-4786, (2016)
Attribution bias and social anxiety in schizophrenia, Achim, Amélie, Sutliff Stephanie, Samson Crystal, Montreuil Tina C., and Lecomte Tania , 2016/6//, Volume 4, p.1 - 3, (2016)
Alterations of the Host Microbiome Affect Behavioral Responses to Cocaine., Kiraly, Drew D., Walker Deena M., Calipari Erin S., Labonté Benoit, Issler Orna, Peña Catherine J., Ribeiro Efrain A., Russo Scott J., and Nestler Eric J. , Sci Rep, 2016 Oct 18, Volume 6, p.35455, (2016)
Essential Role of Mesolimbic Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Chronic Social Stress-Induced Depressive Behaviors., Koo, Ja Wook, Labonté Benoit, Engmann Olivia, Calipari Erin S., Juarez Barbara, Lorsch Zachary, Walsh Jessica J., Friedman Allyson K., Yorgason Jordan T., Han Ming-Hu, and Nestler Eric J. , Biol Psychiatry, 2016 Sep 15, Volume 80, Issue 6, p.469-78, (2016)
Age Differences in Sequential Speech Production: Articulatory and Physiological Factors., Bilodeau-Mercure, Mylène, and Tremblay Pascale , J Am Geriatr Soc, 2016 Nov, Volume 64, Issue 11, p.e177-e182, (2016)
FreeSurfer subcortical normative data., Potvin, Olivier, Mouiha Abderazzak, Dieumegarde Louis, and Duchesne Simon , Data Brief, 2016 Dec, Volume 9, p.732-736, (2016)
When the Wedding March becomes sad: Semantic memory impairment for music in the semantic variant of primary progressive aphasia., Macoir, Joël, Berubé-Lalancette Sarah, Wilson Maximiliano A., Laforce Robert, Hudon Carol, Gravel Pierre, Potvin Olivier, Duchesne Simon, and Monetta Laura , Neurocase, 2016 Dec, Volume 22, Issue 6, p.486-495, (2016)
Cellular and neurochemical basis of sleep stages in the thalamocortical network., Krishnan, Giri P., Chauvette Sylvain, Shamie Isaac, Soltani Sara, Timofeev Igor, Cash Sydney S., Halgren Eric, and Bazhenov Maxim , Elife, 2016 11 16, Volume 5, (2016)
Familial Aggregation of Insomnia., Jarrin, Denise C., Rochefort Amélie, Ivers Hans, Merette Chantal, Dauvilliers Yves A., Savard Josée, LeBlanc Mélanie, and Morin Charles M. , Sleep, 2016 Nov 14, (2016)
Language disorders in multiple sclerosis: A systematic review., Renauld, Stéphanie, Mohamed-Saïd Lyakout, and Macoir Joël , Mult Scler Relat Disord, 2016 Nov, Volume 10, p.103-111, (2016)
An Exploratory, Open-Label, Randomized Trial Comparing Risperidone Long-Acting Injectable with Oral Antipsychotic Medication in the Treatment of Early Psychosis., Malla, Ashok, Chue Pierre, Jordan Gerald, Stip Emmanuel, Koczerginski David, Milliken Heather, Joseph Anil, Williams Richard, Adams Beverly, Manchanda Rahul, Oyewumi Kola, and Roy Marc-Andre , Clin Schizophr Relat Psychoses, 2016 Winter, Volume 9, Issue 4, p.198-208, (2016)
Genetic Disruption of Circadian Rhythms in the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Causes Helplessness, Behavioral Despair, and Anxiety-like Behavior in Mice., Landgraf, Dominic, Long Jaimie E., Proulx Christophe D., Barandas Rita, Malinow Roberto, and Welsh David K. , Biol Psychiatry, 2016 Mar 10, (2016)
Induction of autoimmune response to the extracellular loop of the HERG channel pore induces QTc prolongation in guinea-pigs., Fabris, Frank, Yue Yuankun, Qu Yongxia, Chahine M, Sobie Eric, Lee Peng, Wieczorek Rosemary, Jiang Xian-Cheng, Capecchi Pier-Leopoldo, Laghi-Pasini Franco, Lazzerini Pietro-Enea, and Boutjdir Mohamed , J Physiol, 2016 Nov 01, Volume 594, Issue 21, p.6175-6187, (2016)
Norms for name agreement, familiarity, subjective frequency, and imageability for 348 object names in Tunisian Arabic., Boukadi, Mariem, Zouaidi Cirine, and Wilson Maximiliano A. , Behav Res Methods, 2016 Jun, Volume 48, Issue 2, p.585-99, (2016)
The effect of aging on the brain network for exception word reading., Provost, Jean-Sebastien, Brambati Simona M., Chapleau Marianne, and Wilson Maximiliano A. , Cortex, 2016 11, Volume 84, p.90-100, (2016)
Differences in Rate of Cognitive Decline and Caregiver Burden between Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia: a Retrospective Study., Pilon, Marie-Hélène, Poulin Stéphane, Fortin Marie-Pierre, Houde Michèle, Verret Louis, Bouchard Rémi W., and Laforce Robert , Neurology (ECronicon), 2016 Mar 11, Volume 2, Issue 6, p.278-286, (2016)
Asynaptic feature and heterogeneous distribution of the cholinergic innervation of the globus pallidus in primates., Eid, Lara, Parent André, and Parent Martin , Brain Struct Funct, 2016 Mar, Volume 221, Issue 2, p.1139-55, (2016)

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