Sniffing and whisking in rodents.

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Curr Opin Neurobiol, Volume 22, Issue 2, p.243-50 (2012)


Animals, Behavior, Animal, Exploratory Behavior, Rodentia, Vibrissae


<p>Sniffing and whisking are two rhythmic orofacial motor activities that enable rodents to localize and track objects in their environment. They have related temporal dynamics, possibly as a result of both shared musculature and shared sensory tasks. Sniffing and whisking also constitute the overt expression of an animal's anticipation of a reward. Yet, the neuronal mechanisms that underlie the control of these behaviors have not been established. Here, we review the similarities between sniffing and whisking and suggest that such similarities indicate a mechanistic link between these two rhythmic exploratory behaviors.</p>

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